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  1. 1. Death Note 2. Bleach 3. Elfen Lied 4. Darker Than Black 5. Soul Eater
  2. livedi696


    I wish, I think this is the place to learn. Thanks for the welcome!
  3. This would rock if done right. I dont know about Reeves playing Spike though.
  4. Second season will begin Airing in October 2011.
  5. I read he got alot of boos on his first 2 shows.
  6. livedi696


    Awesome Forum, Thank you to everyone who run it and post on it. Im sorry Im not posting as much, Im a beginner and trying to learn from reading the threads and stuff. I thought I knew a good amount of anime but seeing all the anime here, I was wrong. I will try to contribute if I can or atleast post more often as I learn more.
  7. Hi! Welcome, Im new too.
  8. Here is the link to both programs that I posted, theyre both in the Rar. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q2IDOU5P
  9. A friend referred this to me. There are ALOT more anime than I knew about.
  10. I use MKV Merge to choose the Audio and then 4 Videosoft MKV Converter to convert it to what I want. Simple for me and its great IMO.
  11. Wow this definitely sounds tempting! I would use it for good at first but then probably take if for granted and just start adding people I didnt like and then go nuts with it.
  12. You should give Death Note a try, awesome Anime. Darker than Black Paranoia Agent Monster Death Note Bleach Elfen Lied
  13. Wow, I havent heard of this one till I got on here. Im going to check it out! It looks pretty awesome. Im new to Anime so Im just learning.
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