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  1. simple answer to your question NO
  2. orichimaru is just annoying and the most annoying of the 3 i like jiraya because he is funny but he always jacks money and stuff off of naruto and he's a bit annoying so although tsunade is scared of blood i still favour her because she is powerful and is one of the best if not the best healers in the anime
  3. Code Geass is about a clever school kid (who is an abandoned prince) who tries to help some people and nearly ends up dying but then a girl saves him and gives the power of geass, this gives him the power to control people but with this power he thinks he can do more and tries to save Japan or area 51 as it has come to be known from Britannia. He does all of this to make a peaceful world for his blind sister and to find out who murdered his mother.
  4. F40soldier


    dont be serius 230-265 is filler bleach is doomed and it was sumthing i was looking forward 2 as well
  5. i guess i like kenpachis sidekick that little girl with pink hair because not only is she just cute and funny but its cool that a little kid like her can boss everyone lower than her around and that she's very strong , i wish i was like that wen i was a kid
  6. Basically i want to know what the anime movies whether they are animated or live action are either coming out soon or are just in the developing stages are. I've heard of the live action Bleach and Gantz movies but i want to know what others are going to be released soon or in a few years to come.
  7. well cute i would say that pink haired baby lutenant from bleach thats cute but sexy would probz be temari from naruto but i like her more in shippuden cos shes older
  8. id probly use it 2 kill peeps and make money without gettin caught like do the murders in random places but only for big crimes not small stuff which light started 2 do
  9. the death note live action movies came out in english 2 years after it was released in japan meaning if we wait for a dub its gonna take ages for it to cum out, i could watch a subbed version but i just dont like subs so its gonna take the piss waitin ages for an english release
  10. tiger and bunny looks awesum but has kind of a wierd name and anyways were did u find this
  11. the truth is even the first 10 episodes of sumting isnt really enough for things like dragonball and naruto since they are well over 100 eps and fma has less eps but the first 10 eps is still not enough to judge the anime since they just introduce characters and places and stuff like that however there are animes which are just rubbish and leave you thinkin why did i watch that those animes mite just not be what you like
  12. thats exactly the same 4 me first i watched was Pokemon but what got me pulled in was Naruto
  13. yeah i agree with you man i mean it has a cool intro everything looks cool and then when the actual episode starts its just a big letdown they should just remake the whole thing and make it look all new
  14. i liked all of them but i think gx was my favourite because i just liked that dueling school and all the duels in that particular series
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