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  1. Last thing I bought anime related was a Figure of Kanade from Angel Beats by Good Smile Company for $15 on ebay xD
  2. Happy new year, and happ birthday dude! have a great one!

  3. The Benchwarmers, was in school, sport was cancelled due to rain. First time I watched it, pretty good though.
  4. I have it in school/ use to have it in school but I have to move schools atm. They taught me all the hiraganas but I don't even know many words at all =='
  5. LOL, I usually imagine about my dream girl but in a anime version, just look at my sig or someone like Asuza from K-ON!
  6. Naruto Shippuden and One Piece( I have seen a few ep a long long long time ago and I have never watched it again.)
  7. Nah, best suspence would be Steins Gate, they leave you hanging wanting to so much more ==' they really know how to end an episode. Gosick, i would say is kinda obvious at times what is going so happen to not really. Anyways, best finished anime in my opinion.....Full Metal Panic series (Love that anime so much).
  8. 1.Clannad 2.Angel Beats 3.Kanon/ Full Moon 4.Bleach/FMP 5.Naruto
  9. Alright,thanks. I'll watch the other two besides Angel Beats, already seen it and Clannad. Can't wait for season 2 of Angel Beats though
  10. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Its kinda funny, or Clannad if you want some romance and drama and a little bit of comedy.
  11. OT:School Days...had the worst ending ever Well, I liked Clannad and Kanon endings and probably...Full Moon Wo....idk how to spell it
  12. One Piece or Fairy Tail? nothing else I've watch is really similar to DB Series.
  13. Kore wa zombie desu ka? is kinda funny I agree with Hie, Full Metal Panic is very funny.
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