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  1. Admiration is the furthest from understanding. -Sosuke Aizen
  2. Thank you all for your help in my decision making. I will be switching graphics card to the GTX560 and also getting the SSD. I am not sure I will get the one with TRIM support just because of the price difference and capacity difference. Maybe if my budget was a bit higher I would. Thanks again for everyone who helped me making these decisions and for all of your input. It was all much appreciated
  3. Sorry for late post been really busy with school. Anyway Thank you sooo much for the help. I like your suggestions on graphics and ssd. I do have an external drive and capacity isn't that much of a problem. I am just putting a handful of games on the drive. However I heard that you can't defragment a SSD. And was wondering if you could possibly run the risk of the drive slowing over time and not being able to do anything to help speed or clean it up? I may look at sound cards but I am curious, would I need a good sound card to have decent audio in game? Because a lot of my gameplay I am looking to upload to Youtube/stream. And as for blu ray I don't plan on getting it now knowing those draw backs. Thanks for everyone else's input as well. I really appreciate it because this a large sum of money I am going to sink into this and want to make sure I can get the best I can with what I am paying for. So thanks again guys EDIT: I also noticed that with selecting the new graphics card (GTX 560) the frame rate, or projected frame rate, drops a bit on all ends. Is the physX going to make that much of a visual difference? Sorry I am not all that experienced with graphics cards x.x
  4. If you just close that window out it brings you right to the specs of the computer. It should be priced at $1169. I don't know why the window pops up x.x But yeah everything is how it should be after you close the window.
  5. I am planning on buying a new computer and never really constructed one myself and I was hoping someone could tell me if a computer with these components/specs would be a good computer for the price. And if I could get any help or advice in making it better for lower costs, or any input at all would be a great help! This is for gaming almost exclusively (as I have a macbook pro for school and related things). http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/saved/1DLM0V Thanks for all of your help!
  6. I was just curious about some Black Lagoon information. I just watched the series dubbed and it was a surprisingly good series. Reminded me a lot of Cowboy Bebop which is a great show too! I was just wondering how the Roberta: Blood Trails worked exactly? I see that you guys have them as a currently ongoing series. However according to MAL they have stopped airing back in May of 2010. Are there really only 5 episodes to that part of the series? Thanks for any and all info
  7. Such a huge fan of these movies. Cannot wait for this one
  8. Yeah I too am hoping this is true (Yeah that just rhymed lololol). But I just got done rewatching the series again (minus the movies) and it still blows me away at the amount of detail put into the storyline. The second gig still loses me half way through so I am up for watching it over just once more
  9. So I was doing a little digging around the net and came across a link posting all of the new spring anime to hit Japan this spring (2011). And Ghost in the Shell 3rd Gig was one of them. Does anyone else know or care to confirm this? I was just wondering really. I'll try to find the picture/article if I can manage to dig it up. http://animesquish.org/showthread.php?285-Spring-2011-Anime-List There is the article^
  10. Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Halo Reach (Both for 360).
  11. Hello All. I'm Stephen and am new here to he forums. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I love tons of great animes and am really glad to have found such an awesome site to find and talk about anime with
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