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  1. ishwar44

    Who plays pokemon?

    i have played all pokemon games which are main stream and the mystery dungeons
  2. ishwar44

    What game(s) have you beaten multiple times?

    assassins creed and prince of Persia, infamous 1,2 star wars force unleashed 1,2
  3. ishwar44

    DCUO for ps3

    i play dcuo on ps3
  4. ishwar44

    First console you had?

    gameboy colour
  5. ishwar44

    The best anime thats been turned into video games

    DBZ pokemon and naruto and yugioh
  6. ishwar44

    Which fusion from DBZ was most powerful?

    gogeta ssj4
  7. ishwar44

    Favorite Anime

    The entire dragonball z series
  8. ishwar44

    Strongest anime character

    gogeta ssj4 is the strongest character of all time
  9. ishwar44

    Favorite Starter Pokemon

    I just like all fire starter Pokemon. each time i play a Pokemon game i always pick the fire type.
  10. ishwar44

    Best Game Ever Made?

    i like the assassin creed series the most but infamous 1 and 2 and the modern warfare series of call of duty are also very good games
  11. ishwar44

    Most Violent Game

    i have played mad world which is really violent
  12. ishwar44

    Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Kai

    i like dbz over kai cuz of the fillers but kai does look better but it does not really matter to me
  13. ishwar44

    Favorite Card Game

    yu gi oh is a good card game
  14. ishwar44

    What is your favorite ps3 exclusive game

    Infamous is a good ps3 exclusive title
  15. ishwar44

    The best anime thats been turned into video games

    dragonball z BT3