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  1. I've decided to show some much needed .hack love with my next avatar. Because it has now become an underrated, underestimated, and seemingly unappreciated series with the SAO dead horse constantly being beaten. IMO, .hack is far superior to SAO in every way and needs more games but Namco apparently likes beating dead horses or something I don't know. Again, just IMO so please don't '@' me. Oh and FYI SAO fans... .hack was the first to do the 'put into a coma from playing an online game' situation, not SAO. Plus, they did it much better. Again, IMO. Anyway... Haseo is more OP than Kirito anyway now. Assuming you played Vol. 4 in Last Recode (which you really should). So... yeah... Haseo FTW. I'm just... gonna go now... *starts running from the SAO angry mob* 😰