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  1. As much as i like Grimmjow i think i would have to go with ulquiorra
  2. I think that Naruto is a very good story; but i don't think that it can beat the Dragonball series. I hate to sound cliched but i just like the older manga and anime which instigated the boom of this genre and style.
  3. i've got to say that i preffer the dubs rather than the subs. I think just because i grew up watching the dubs, I got used to them and didn't really like change to the subs. I think the subs are fine after I got over that initial bump.
  4. I think that my favourite character has to be Luffy. I can't help but laugh, he's just so ignorant and single-minded it's funny.
  5. bogry2

    One Piece

    I remember watching One Piece as a kid and absolutely loving it. So i decided to pick back up on the story. I never thought that it could be so good; although the story is very long i'm eager for more!! 10/10
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