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  1. Yes I can swim, but not too well XD
  2. I went searching on other forums but am glad that kametsu is back up!!!!
  3. Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Squares
  4. mushinnoshin


    Yeah I'm a pet owner. I currently have a dog name Trombo. Had it for 4 years so far
  5. no. I've always went with someone whether a family member or friend.
  6. potato chips or any kind of candy
  7. having fun with friends and family. Be it watching anime, playing games etc..
  8. being with family, watching cartoons and anime, and playing videogames
  9. My favorite color is blue. Why?, idk. I just like it.
  10. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon
  11. Was looking for eng dubbed anime, and found this site and a few others. thought this one was best
  12. currently downloading Batman The Animated Series
  13. I like to open the windows and watch it inside or go outside and get soaked
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