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  1. action, sci-fi, horror, comedy, adventure
  2. it can be annoying, but u won't like that if someone download something for free for something u worked on really hard
  3. super saiyan powers or the book from death note where u write someones name and thinking of their face to make them die
  4. it depends, sometimes I can watch 12 or more, but it really depends if u in the mood in watching or not
  5. Well... to be honest i find animes way more better but the only way I know that it's a anime is their mouths because when japan makes an anime their gigantic but the Cartoon is quite big but not as big as anime but if you can't see it don't worry everyone is different.
  6. Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, bleach, Yugioh after I finished all the series I'm going to watch One piece btw I'm so close of finishing watching Naruto. YAY!!
  7. 997,882 Rofl I really can't believe I'm doing this but I'm doing this for fun
  8. well to be honest One Piece isn't really that bad but watching the 1st episode can sometimes not be as good as you go onwards, just keep going and you'll think that it's quite a great anime.
  9. really that's great, if it is going to come out i'll be checking it out
  10. anyone can give me names that i can watch some animes that would be good because i got no idea which anime to watch if anyone could help that would be helpful, btw this would be helpful for other's as well so yea thanks
  11. I love gaming it's awesome btw my gamertag is TackyRayd
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