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  1. if u got any doubt just message me...or the moderators..

  2. in the forum open any section then any topic and then u can post ur reply there.........remember don't double post or spam at there or you will get ur self banned

  3. And one more thing: Posts from Forum Games Section and Seed Hallway are not Counted. Good Luck!

  4. yeah just select a section 1st example: Anime and Manga

    Then select a thread example: Favorite Anime Characters

    Then at the lower portion of the page, you'll see the Quick Reply Box wherein you can type your post. And then Walla! Your Post is now there hope it helps!

  5. hiii

    can you teach me how to post?

  6. hello:]

    do u know how to post?

  7. same here:/

    im still trying after how many months lol

  8. my favorite character is sasuke from naruto:D
  9. me two i dont know where to post

  10. Hey not much, needing info on how and where to post? just wanting to talk? wanna make a friend? Anything I can help ya with let me know ^.^

  11. hello how are you?

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