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  1. Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
  2. Well since he almost owned kakashi id have to say sauske
  3. Once naruto started going nine tails he would obliterate lee
  4. Only if they need another series to complete the manga story line it would be great and no fillers in this one would be even better
  5. well Kingdom hearts 3 probably wont be coming out until early or late 2014 maybe even later then that im just guessing considering that the kingdom hearts team is working on 2 games Final fantasy 13 versus which looks fuckin bad ass and Kingdom hearts 3D which wont be another filler game its gonna be about Sora and Riku training for the final battle against Master Xehnort
  6. pshh Sephiroth will always be the most bad ass final fantasy character
  7. Kingdom hearts is my Favorite game series iv played every single one Kingdom hearts one is the best but the second one has cooler game play and Birth by Sleep had the most bad ass boss battles
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