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  1. Could you reupload the subtitles for Whats new, Scooby-Doo? again please, :) would really appreciate it

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    2. PrincessAlicia


      Thanks, I have most of these, however am missing The New Scooby Doo Movies and Scooby and Scrappy Doo - Season 1's Subtitles from what you have, Would you mind uploading those subtitles? Cheers.

    3. aMvEL


      Oh, sorry I do not have subtitles for The New Scooby Doo Movies ... I forgot to declare that.


      Here are for scooby and scrappy season 1



    4. PrincessAlicia


      Oh okay, thanks for Scooby and Scrappy Doo - Season 1 regardless :)

  2. aMvEL

    Bridging 2 Routers Wirelessly Help/GuideMe?

    Yes I got what he was asking for, but I thought that bridging routers seemes like a weird way to go if I understand his setup correctly... then again, it might well be that I don't understand it correctly
  3. aMvEL

    Preferred File Format

    I'm guessing the perferred format generally is mkv, but everyone has different use cases for their videos. Regardless which container you decide to release in, it's extremely easy to remux into both mkv and mp4 with their respective muxers (mkvtoolnix, mp4box, ffmpeg, etc.etc.)
  4. aMvEL

    Bridging 2 Routers Wirelessly Help/GuideMe?

    If I understand you correctly you're trying to use the second dlink 2640B as a sort of access point, and it is hooked up to your first 2640 by wire? If it's like my old dlink dir-655, I had to first set that up with matching settings like you did, disable the DHCP-server and then connect it via the LAN-port instead of the WAN-port. This is because as you said it doesn't support bride/ap/whatever-mode, so you have to "fool" it. The key thing is to disable the DHCP-server on the second router so that they both aren't trying to hand out internal IPs.
  5. aMvEL

    New encoder x265....SHOCK

    x265 is alpha-grade quality as of now, it's nowhere near "feature-complete", and is not close to being as optimized as x264. It's also worth nothing that the CRF-scale is not transferable from x264 to x265 - so x264 CRF16 is not equal to CRF16 x265 quality-wise. Give it a year or two, then we'll start to see some quality encodes using x265. In the meantime, one can follow the ongoing discussion on Doom9.org
  6. aMvEL

    15 Posts Requirement Lowered

    It's nice to have somewhere to go to