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  1. Ive the seen the movie a few times whats the series like? I lost out on 3 auctions for it on ebay and gave up trying >'= (
  2. Grandia aside, off topic i know, but just checkin you have played final fantasy 7 dude? Cuz if not fuck the bible, its the greatest story ever told!!
  3. Nadesico was cast perfectly, cant believe it hasnt been mentioned yet
  4. Foresite

    Favorite Anime

    Oh and as the 1st boxset i ever imported years ago, Escaflowne will always have a special place my heart, i practically wore those disks out lol
  5. Foresite

    Favorite Anime

    Is Gurren Laggan really that good Koby? Ive always been a Gundam fanatic, Zeta, X and 0083 being personal favourites, but Code Geass R2 is fan-diddly-tastic
  6. Modified hardware and ebay are best friends m8, where bwts in the uk you from?
  7. Top combat system, ive only played Grandia 2, the locations wernt particularly memorable imho that was the major drawback
  8. Dont know considering watching it. And yeah it was bad, used to leave the comp running through the night to get a single, grainy episode of zeta gundam lol
  9. "I am dead. But did you think i could lye quietly in my grave and watch as the world sees rise to another Milliardo Peacecraft"!!! - Zechs Marquize, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
  10. Same here, i remember downloading anime with a 56k modem 10 years ago, wasnt quite as conveniant as today hehe
  11. This looks awesome. Dont know about dubbed Reana, but you can stream it subbed on animeseed.com is you register there
  12. I disagree with the above, Seed is just a re-hash of the original series, while Destiny is more original then the follow up Zeta. Although it loses marks for Kira over-shadowing a promising new character in Shinn, and the lacklustre last episode tying up fat too many loose ends at once
  13. Geez, i dont think you yanks really how blessed you are, there is virtually no anime on British tv. Anyways, Just finished Code Geass R2 and Seed Destiny, and started Gundam 00, how do people on here rate Blue Gender?
  14. You wouldnt watch something that was aniti american Icewolf? Agreed though Geass rules. I usually have a sense as to who will die in anime, but.... the deaths of Euphemia and Shirley really threw me. On a side note what are the rules here regarding spoilers? *edited and placed spoiler tag* Oh and some really original mecha design here too
  15. Number 1 - Gai Daigoji! (Martian Succesor Nadesico) Hehe, any mecha fans hero surely!! Vocalises the thoughts of all super-robo fans, whilst (SPOILER)... his tragic end early on ensures his comedy value doesnt get the chance to wear thin. After Gai... Char Aznable (Gundam/z/cc) Lelouch vi Brittania (Code Geass) Batou (GITS) Might Guy (Naruto/Shippuden) Himura Kenshin/Saito Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin) Asuka Soryu (Evangelion) Akito Tankawa (Nadesico) Master Asia (G Gundam) L/Light Yagami (Deathnote) Allen Schezar (Escaflowne) Treize Khushrenada (Gundam Wing)
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