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  1. rockhoundhigh

    The first anime you watch

    Gotta be Pokemon of course I didn't know that it was anime back then. As for the first, I know this is anime type memory I had, it was probably snippets of Inuyasha that used to air back on Adult Swim since I never really had an interest in DBZ. I always found ED2 really enchanting even back then. As for the first series to get me into anime proper, that was FMA:B and that didn't happen until high school.
  2. rockhoundhigh

    Vinland Saga

    Looks like it's probably going to adapt everything pre-Farmland Saga. Can't wait to see what WIT does with this series. It's one of my favorites. Same author as Planetes of all things.
  3. rockhoundhigh

    Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) (Wit Studio)

    That was a great PV but honestly I'm just waiting for the confusion that will hit people's faces when the first season 4 previews start hitting in like a year. Also, does anyone else find it surreal as hell that AoT is going to get a complete, consistently quality adaptation while it's still ongoing? That's the anime pipe dream right there.
  4. rockhoundhigh

    Anime Archiving: 1080p or 720p

    Since we have the option of seeing what most series are produced at now, I typically grab whatever res best preserves the detail unless no other quality option exists. For movies I generally go for 1080p even if they're upscales.
  5. rockhoundhigh

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    March Comes in Like a Lion was definitely a great one for me. I have a hard time getting into most of anything these days but I binged the entire 44 episodes in less than a week. The last time I went that hard on a show was Rakugo and I think that show's a masterpiece, probably in my top 5. Honestly, 3-gatsu can be a bit uneven especially at the start but it's wonderfully directed stuff and for anyone who hasn't already seen it I highly recommend it.
  6. rockhoundhigh

    Status Quo

    For a while I was worried if the site was gonna come back at all but I'm glad to see it's mostly all still here in some shape or form. As for the content, lurking around this site long enough has taught me how to put together my own releases if I really want them and generally speaking there are plenty of other people who can do the same. I'm personally just glad the site is open again. It might even give me an excuse to not be so much of a lurker anymore considering I actually like the community around here.
  7. rockhoundhigh

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been extremely non-committal with most games since beating Kero Blaster and System Shock a couple of weeks ago. System Shock is way too forward thinking to be a game from 1994 but anyways, I've put Tales of Berseria on hold for a while and for now seem to be going between Sonic Mania Plus and Yakuza 0 in my non-anime free time.
  8. Anybody here have experience dealing with Aegisub/MPC playback discrepancies? I don't think proper sub-frame subtitle syncing is even possible.

  9. rockhoundhigh

    What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    Back in the 3rd and 4th grade I couldn't really get into the DBZ fad. I used to watch some random snippets of shows like Zatch Bell and Yu Yu Hakusho on Toonami but none of them ever really clicked. Growing up in a Mexican household completely oblivious to Japanese culture, it all seemed to foreign to me. It wasn't till by sheer chance I caught an episode of FMA: Brotherhood in high school that absolutely I got hooked for the first time. Even so my selection at this point was definitely limited to more western tastes. It wasn't really till I started college that I really started to double down on anime thanks to my cousin and a friend of mine who started introducing me to more series. You can find all kinds of shows for any kind of audience. Now, finishing off my third year of college it's a big part of my life. Welcome to the NHK for example had a big impact on me; I really had to re-evaluate where I was at in my life and I how I felt about myself after watching that one.
  10. rockhoundhigh

    The New Server has arrived!

    I vote for calling the server Lain. Just seems super appropriate to me , you know
  11. Watched the sub like twice all the way through but I don't know how I feel about this. Wonder if the dub can hold a candle to the original? Either way I'm at least glad that Hunter X Hunter will finally get some proper western exposure given all the love people have for Yu Yu Hakusho. Definitely one of the smartest shounen series out there.
  12. rockhoundhigh

    Greetings & Deja Vu

    So, I'm not new here but evidently I've been gone for a long time since I no longer have permission to access almost anything. I've heard of necroed threads but never necroed users. Either way, hi to everybody who cares to read. =/
  13. rockhoundhigh

    Resident Evil Extinction

    My opinion on these movies is mixed mostly because they only continuity they share with the games are zombies or some kind of bio-weapon these days, and as a side note the next Silent Hill film has already been confirmed... in 3-D (I think it's going to be based on SH3).
  14. rockhoundhigh

    What popular anime do you not like and for what reason?

    Basically anything past the 50,000,000th episode of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto (Shippuden), or One Piece.
  15. rockhoundhigh

    anime for non anime watching girlfriend?

    I can definitely vouch for the appeal of the Studio Ghibli films, they seem to be liked very well by people who aren't really into anime. Since my first series all came from the Adult Swim lineup I think that anything like FMA, Cowboy Bebop, or InuYasha would work well like the other posters said before me because none of them touch TOO much on the "ridiculous" side of anime that keeps most people away.