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  1. Extras are really good I think. Though I wish they had more interviews with Grey Delisle as Azula is such a great character and she's awesome. I also wish they had the original pilot without the commentary as I think that would have been cool to see.
  2. spike32

    Rick and Morty

    Just started watching this, great show. Hope it crosses over with Gravity Falls.
  3. spike32

    Favorite voice actor(s)/actress(es)?

    Troy Baker and Laura Bailey are my all time favorites. Though for cartoons I'll obviously have to give credit to Tara Strong and Grey Delisle. Rob Paulsen and Maurice Lamarche are always great a big part of my childhood.
  4. spike32

    Gravity Falls

    This series is amazing, wanted to casually watch it so it'd be all done when I started, but I just couldn't stop, now I can't wait for the final episode. Really hope they crossover to Rick And Morty though.
  5. spike32

    Favourite Voice Actor/s in Games

    So many! Troy Baker from everything Laura Bailey - Saints Row III/IV (Female Boss #1) Ashley Johnson - The Last of Us (Ellie) Travis Willingham - Binary Domain (Dan Marshall) Liam O'Brien - Asura's Wrath (Asura) Kari Wahlgren - Devil May Cry 3/4 (Lady) Yuri Lowenthal - Persona 4 (Yosuke) and many more.
  6. Sometimes I feel disappointed like in Buso Renkin's case, because for some reason I just really enjoyed watching that show, and though I know it probably would've gotten stupid (in a bad way) after a while, I was still disappointed because I would watch it and feel happy. Other series like Wolf's Rain for example left me depressed, although I think that has to do with the series itself Such a great show, and then it was gone in what seemed like only a few hours. Baccano was a show that I'm glad was short, it was an amazing show but couldn't go on past the point it did. They knew where to draw the line which was fantastic. That left me in a good mood.
  7. spike32

    favorite english voice actor

    Crispin Freeman and Yuri Lowenthal for male Kari Wahlgren and Laura Bailey for female There's so many more I could name and I love them all but I'd say they're my favs.
  8. spike32

    Most overpowered main character?

    Alucard! He is completely overpowered, nothing is really difficult for him. Though I usually hate those characters, he is still amazing and really badass.
  9. spike32

    Anime Sleeper Hits

    I was actually thinking Buso Renkin when I read this thread, that's a good show in it's own way. Texhnolyze is another sleeper hit.
  10. spike32

    Kekkaishi--better in dub or sub?

    Well from what I've heard, the show itself is not very good, but the dub has Laura Bailey and Troy Baker, so from that I will say the dub.
  11. spike32

    Favorite Anime

    Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Hellsing Ultimate Ergo Proxy
  12. spike32

    Favorite Voice Actors

    That would be Liam O'Brien if you are speaking of the english dub
  13. spike32

    Favorite Voice Actors

    Kinda late to this, but... I'm gonna list a few of my favs that were not mentioned (at least very much): Crispin Freeman Yuri Lowenthal Liam O'Brian Kari Wahlgren Laura Bailey Tara Platt The list goes on and on and on, but those are my favs I believe.
  14. spike32

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    English dubbing because no matter what anybody says, it's definitely improved over the years. Now I actually like a lot of the dubs better, like Hellsing Ultimate for example. Not that I hate the Jap Alucard voice, but Crispin Freeman just nailed it and sounds awesome.
  15. spike32

    DBZ: Raging Blast 2 Vs. Naruto: UNS 2

    UNS2 is going to be way better. The first UNS is still an awesome game. Going into Shippuden can only be a good thing. Hopefully there's more story in it this time since the first had virtually no story.