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  1. WE DO!!!! I just finished episode 13 today, and I think that they should make a season 2 for it. Anyone agree?
  2. Which do you think is better for Kekkaishi? Dub or sub? I honestly don't care, but my friend MUST watch it subbed. :/
  3. It is for me! Because of school and homework and crap, I hardly have time to watch anime anymore, and it's really killing me! I forgot what episode of One Piece I was on, and same for Soul Eater. Because of school, I've basically LOST INTEREST in them. THAT'S NOT GOOD.
  4. I just wanted to let you know that I found it! The Harry/Ron puppet thing! lol

  5. IH2eyzKI42I It took forever to make this one lol
  6. I wouldn't mind sharing some of my AMVs with this site, but I don't know where that sub-forum is. I'd like some help! lol. Thanks to whoever helps. ")
  7. I think I'll search for them again lol. And yeah, I hope that I learn stuff fast! I hate not knowing what I'm doing on new websites lol.

    Again, thanks for the welcome! :3

  8. Don't worry about being a noob here, we were all once like that. you'll learn the ins and outs before you know it, I know I did... somewhat anyway :P

    Shame you don't still have the harry and Ron fighting puppets, that would've been awesome to see!

  9. Thanks! lol I love it, too. I used to have one with Harry and Ron--the puppet versions of them--fighting. It was sooo funny. But, alas, I'm stuck with mario and Luigi. :/ BUt anyway, thanks for the welcome! I'm still a noob, so bear with me...lol

  10. Welcome to Kametsu! loving the mario and Luigi dance!

  11. Moppet is your current rank. you can use a custom one by going to USER CP.

    altho, the default rank updates itself when you reach a certain number of posts.

    to add a picture, go to "edit avatar" in USER CP

  12. I'm new, too. What does "Moppet" mean, and how do I get a picture...? lol
  13. LucyElric

    MKV files

    I think it's stupid that most of the anime files are MKV files. I need files that work with Windows Movie Maker so I can make AMVs (my "occupation") for YouTube. And another thing that stinks is that most of the .avi files are just audio. I'm getting kind of ticked off.
  14. I may not have my name in itallics, but I'm still new. I've only been on her for a few days, and I was wondering if some veterans could give me some pointers about this site. That'd be great, thanks! :3
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