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  1. Digital Reaper

    Bleach Manga Discussion (Spoilers!!)

    not a big deal uryus and every one elses arm was fixed..sept yama:(..can just do it again
  2. Digital Reaper

    Latest Naruto Manga Discussion [Spoiler]

    lol the 4th hokage was so badass he friggin copied a tailed beast move with out a sharingan lol...to bad narutos fchakra form has such a bad downside:(..wanted him to be ultimate badass
  3. Digital Reaper

    Best/coolest Signature Attack?

    + 1 Greatest move ever...spirit bomb aside:P
  4. Digital Reaper

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    yea its a pretty cool show..lol it would of been cool if the zombies were like the ones in devils playground
  5. Digital Reaper

    What is the last game you have finished?

    Last game was Fable 3 finished both endings
  6. Digital Reaper

    Who kicks more ass? Sasuke or Naruto?

    Naruto pretty much has a guaranteed win being the main character and all..plus his new powers will rape any and all of sasukes powers lol:P...no sasuke hate:P
  7. take away ichigos main character hax and kenny would destroy him
  8. Digital Reaper

    Can you prove your own existence?

    I exist cause i believe i exist
  9. Digital Reaper

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Scott pilgram vs the world is awsomness
  10. Digital Reaper

    The Playstation Phone

    the psp 2 i supossidly going to have to have 2 analog sticks
  11. Digital Reaper


    doesnt orihemeas power work so that she reverse effects on the body so it never happened?so like when chads arm got owned she made it so like he was never attacked...so by healing ichog it would of made it so he would never of went engetsu mode..but shouldnt that mean that he would never of attacked aizen:P
  12. Digital Reaper

    Most overpowered main character?

    most shows like narutoa dn bleach and gbz have "overpowerd" main characters,,,it is the reason they are the main character and the reasin the win lol
  13. Digital Reaper

    The Playstation Phone

    i herd it was fake
  14. Digital Reaper

    What is the last game you have finished?

    just finished fallout: new vegas and MOH
  15. Digital Reaper

    Fallout New Vegas... the good and the bad.

    i have not had any problems when i played...playing on the pc version so for me was pretty awsome..was skeptical in the beggining since it seemed pretty falout 3ish and all tho it was , fallout 3 was awsome lol