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  1. Just came across this as well - I had no idea my pack list was still be received either. Shouldn't be any longer. Just an fyi folks - My bot is down for good, at least for now it is. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for your uploads. Have you moved ur IRC bot to the Kametsu IRC servers yet/ accessable from their IRC

    1. Tanxs


      Uh... I host my own bot... On one of my own computers via my own internet... That's it.. Either way, my bot is currently accessible still.

  3. Well, been registered here since 2010 apparently... Was mainly active in C-W. Thanks for the lowering of post count, a big help to say the least and will be very helpful to say the least.
  4. So I take it this server has been canceled, as in no longer available? lol... Poopyness. was looking for a low key server - so sick of these over populated servers. bleh. Anyways. Cheers.
  5. thanks for your work with One Piece recently :) i look forward to your Sgt Frog.

  6. Just to name 5 - Lupin and Kintaro are top favorite Anime characters. The other three were listed as I had just watched those Animes recently. lol. Lupin the 3rd - Lupin III Kintaro Oe - Golden Boy Mugen - Samurai Champloo Revy - Black Lagoon Kōichi Hayase - Linebarrels of Iron
  7. Well - If you all want a season 2... You best go out and actually BUY the OAV. This is how they weight things. If this OAV hits a certain peek and popularity... Then it's very possible for another season. Why could they possible be doing this? Well, season 1 flopped big time. I don't believe they went negative, however, they sure didn't make much of a profit via the Anime market. So in short - if this OAV gets high enough ratings and sells well - It'll have a better chance at getting a season 2.
  8. Samurai 7 - An incredible story line, touching characters and design. The Anime version of this is a big thumbs up in my book. Basilisk is closely behind.
  9. Depends on the anime. I have heard some terrible dubbings though. For example, Shakugan no Shana season 1 dubbing was awesome. Then, Animax-Asia took over dubbing and ruined season 2 with their voice overs. Personally, if I watch an anime dubbed first, it's hard to watch it again or continue it subbed. But that's just me.
  10. Tanxs


    Just started mine - http://myanimelist.net/profile/Tanxs - Gonna have to take some real time in adding all the Animes I've watched.
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