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  1. Don't be a dick head don't talk if you don't know the whole story. And I'm not at liberty to tell You.
  2. FullMetalRaven is Back after being gone for so long. lol
  3. my PS3 didn't have any copyright issues from what I can tell all my Videos play good the ones that are in .mp4 lol if PS4 had .mkv support I would be more likely to buy one later on
  4. yea just confirmed it to it is broke now won't download any korra now @TAS257 yup that's the same thing I got
  5. It is pretty good I am on ep 8 atm in HD on my Cable On-Demand.
  6. Sailor Moon TV Series BD/DVD Combo Set 1 (Eps #1-23) Release Date Nov 11, 2014 for $54.98 or just the DVDs $29.98 but thats just the prices for animecornerstore http://www.animecornerstore.com/sailormoon2.html
  7. yup broke now I am glad I got Korra, when I did then lol I just uninstalled it until it is fixed or what not lol
  8. yea I really only like 1080p anime not cartoon's myself 720p is just fine IMO. yea your right were lucky they don't just post lower quality stuff lol
  9. I use to download from there using FreeRapid and always got 720p but then again at the time I only downloaded Fusion and TMNT. and it was always in parts. 720p are ok for me I wouldn't need the 1080p ones from there not that they have them or not I have no idea lol
  10. It works great ty I tried it on Korra plays ok for me need to watch the rest
  11. Actually Kai is more in the Lines of the Manga and it was great imo. the Only difference between Kai and DBZ original is that Kai has no Fillers.
  12. I thought the voices were pretty good then again I don't pay any attention to them myself lol. I only own part 1 of DBZ Kai on BD and all 9 Seasons of DBZ on DVD Box Sets. I also didn't mind that it cut out all the fillers on Kai
  13. oh I see lol that also explains why DJHulp's link didn't work cause Digimon Fusion in on Nicktoons the last time I looked which was a few months ago lol
  14. actually files I downloaded 1 hour ago now are unable to download now skip that the one app was uninstalled by my anti-virus it removed Install-pycaption-PN-Mod and the dll one I had to reinstall it lol
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