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  1. oh now i see lol im on level 50 already and i havnt even got my third esper yet lol
  2. RedXIII


    i didnt like it at all it sucks lol the sphere grid was much better lol
  3. RedXIII

    The Rating?

    i heard it was something tyo do with Ashe's wedding dress you can see her nipples and the bottom of her ass lol and yuna shows a lot of skin in FFX_2 aswell lol
  4. i think hes after him for something when he was a judge i think not sure lol ill look it up xD
  5. well it must just be there for a job well done xD
  6. i did just use Vahn Basch and Ashe but then the others sucked so i had to get them up levels lol penelo really sucks in that game lol
  7. is the hudge your talking about the one that hurt the guy thats always dreaming ?
  8. RedXIII

    Basch a twin?

    wait the is he the judge that said forgive me to the other judge befor he killed him/her? im preety sure it was a she tho lol
  9. just a quick quistion do you need a HD tv to use the playstation 3?
  10. RedXIII


    took me a while to get the hang of it aswell lol
  11. banned for saying what you said
  12. 128 were gettin there lol
  13. can you make one lol pwease :-[
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