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  1. I am not sure if this giveaway is still going on or not since it looks old, but since i do not see a winner listed i guess i can still enter. Here is a link to my post #codww2
  2. there are new episodes on amazon prime service now. i have not seen them yet but plan on watching them eventually.
  3. Yeah I am not sure there will be much of any live action tv shows this year. With the coronavirus it is too hard to film new episodes. So i am not surprised.
  4. I really enjoyed this show. Shame its over now. They even created a lot of original songs for it which have not all been released. I would buy the album for the last season if it was available.
  5. This sounds pretty good. I have not played KH3 yet but I really want to. A show about the series sounds amazing. I assume it would feature all the classic disney characters plus Anime characters as well. Nice Combination.
  6. So I tried the Demo and really liked RE3 so I bough the Full Game. It was pretty good overall. The graphics were much better than the original, but I did find the game to be rather short compared to other RE games in the past. The Nemesis kept killing me in the beginning, but then i started to learn his limitations and it become easier. I keep seeing these MODS online where you can turn the Nemesis into Shrek or a Dinosaur. They look pretty funny but i have not tried any of them yet. Not exactly sure how to do it anyway. Overall its good and you should support the developers so we can get some more RE games in the future. Cool thanks. #codww2
  7. Hello, I am new here. I heard someone mention this site on a reddit thread and figured I would come check it out. I was Anime and Cartoons. So, just saying Hello.
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