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  1. i like the way it looks, i'll probably draw it sooner or later
  2. i would definately not use it, but i wouldn't mind seeing a shinagami.
  3. that sounds cool, wouldn't mind seeing it
  4. now in days i usually watch anime i have downloaded and watch it on my laptop.
  5. i really like the big bang attack because of the way it was shown on the dbz games, i enjoyed playing with vegeta and using this attack
  6. like many of the people the first was my fav, it had more publicity behind it and i actually went to go see that movie in the theater, plus mewtwo is my fav pokemon
  7. i would say that dead space was scary enough.
  8. although i own a 3ds, i'll probably end up trading it in and getting the vita since it will have the fighting games i want so i can play them on the got, and the touch screen part is beez keez.
  9. L, he kept the series interesting to me , him and ryuk that is
  10. i gotta say squall is my favorite hero, the gunsword is super cool to me
  11. the art was super cute, i really like the kh: skipping
  12. here is a link for my deviant art. http://taurence.deviantart.com/
  13. i have noticed that if i have something subbed it will probably take me a while to watch it , but with dubbed stuff i go through it a lot quicker since i'm usually watching it while doing something else. i'm currently doing this with naruto shippuden.
  14. as far as Naruto Shippuden i'm on ep26 bleach ep68, even though i have seen newer episodes as well.
  15. games that i am working on is Dead space, borrowed it from a friend, and Resident evil 5, and Odin Sphere. I'm more focused on Dead space since its borrowed.
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