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  1. They should show more about 4th hokage. After all he was the yellow flash of Hidden leaf village.
  2. I hope they don"t show him without his mask. His mask is like his trademark.
  3. She will probably die of old age. She is not immortal or something.
  4. It is obviously Gold Roger. The marines could not catch him till the end.
  5. Yeah maybe he lost hollow powers after final getsuga tenshuo. Or maybe the arrancars will give him hollow powers.
  6. His new outfit is pretty awesome.
  7. His bankai should be very small. Then it will piss him off.
  8. It his is speed. And everyone knows him as a genius.
  9. Well they could have more stories about their love. It would have been nice.
  10. I like the assasin's creed soundtracks.
  11. My ps3 is the most expensive thing i bought.
  12. Lokesh

    Yoroichi vs Nel

    Of course yoroichi will win. Her shunko is great.
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