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  1. Hey Vonnie! How's life? Haven't been around in a while.

  2. where are you?! :(

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. Vonnie, Happy Birthday!!

  4. hehe thanks :) i've missed you guys

    btw i've read like half of your collab story and its really good so far, keep up the good work! :D and errr... Happy Be-lated Birthday! :P

  5. I'm good thanks nice to have you back lol

  6. Check out Ouran High School Host Club and Luck Star
  7. Rebecca Black's song It's Friday has received over 87 million views on youtube (despite the 1.7 million dislikes) and well i'd just like to hear your opinions on it. CD2LRROpph0 Personally, i very much dislike the song.
  8. Well i did basically laugh all the way through Ouran but Lucky Star was heaps funny too
  9. hey hey! ^^

    been i've having problems lately =/

    ... but yeh im back :P btw how youu been??

  10. Vonnies back!!!! Where you been????

  11. wow... i missed out on a lot... and there's so much to read!
  12. hi! thanks for the add xD

  13. I will! hope i can get it in time lol *edit* if no one else is entering then i probably wont lol
  14. cool! i'll definitely join xD

    good luck writing ^^

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