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  1. Miria

    No Anime....

    I've gone a few weeks without anime due to traveling or moving to a different town and I usually find it relaxing to be without it. But if I was stuck at home with nothing to do then I probably would start to get a bit bored.
  2. Well I just watched the first 2 episodes of hagure yuusha estetica, and I found that a little degrading it made the girls look so weak and defensless. But I don't mind nudity as long as it's not in your face.
  3. Miria

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    I recently bought Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood part 1 and movie.
  4. Miria

    death penalty...for or against

    It may give closure to those who know the victim but it would be a false sense of closure because the person who actually comitted the crime could still be roaming around. Also the family of the innocent person who was executed would have to live the rest of their lives knowing their loved one was executed for something he/she didn't do, what about their closure? If they didn't have the death penalty maybe that person could have been cleared of the crime.
  5. Miria

    Most Hated Anime Character(s)!!!

    My most hated would be Revy from black lagoon, though I didn't like the show either.
  6. Miria

    Favorite Anime Characters

    Johan liebert - Monster Ginko - Mushishi Hachiko - Nana Yaichi - House of five leaves Taiga - Toradora Sanji - One piece
  7. Miria

    Gun Control

    Well, since the buyback program and ban on guns was enforced in 1997 Australias homicide count by any means has decreased and homicide by guns has also decreased. In some instances a gun may save your life but it can also edanger your life, if your house or your store was being burgaled and you pulled a gun out on someone who also had a gun you'd just be provoking them to shoot you, and you may accidently kill someone that had no intention of hurting you and just wanted money.
  8. Miria

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    I don't prefer one over the other, I wach American animation when I want a laugh because anime fails to make me laugh most of the time, and I watch anime because it has better storylines.
  9. I've watched Monster and recently finished Nana and I loved both of them so was wondering if there was anything similar to these shows.
  10. Miria

    death penalty...for or against

    @NorthwolfeCND - I agree with everything you said, an emotion like revenge shouldn't be a part of the law because it is irrational, if someone murdered my family I would want that person dead but that doesn't mean that's how it should be. To say that someone is a waste of a life just seems wrong to me despite the fact they may have done something horrible, because they are still people and have loved ones and giving someone the death penalty just causes more suffering to people who don't deserve it.
  11. Miria

    Gun Control

    I don't think people should be able to have guns to protect themselves it just leads to a neverending cycle where people need to have a gun to protect themselves because so much of the population have guns, I think people should be able to get a gun license for hunting only. And you can't just simply say "guns don't kill people, people kill people" because a gun is a powerful weapon that was made to be able to kill, yes people do commit murder but guns makes it so much easier. Also I remember reading somewhere that when gun laws were made more strict in Australia the suicide rate dropped quite a bit. I live in Australia and I know people can still get guns illegally but it still drops the rate at which people get killed by guns, and because guns are banned in Australia people don't get scared into thinking they need one, I have never known anyone who's ever thought they needed something to protect them or their family.
  12. Miria

    death penalty...for or against

    I don't think the death penalty is something that is affective, to a sane and rational person sure it makes sense, but to a person who is insane and unrational they probably wouldn't think twice about the death penalty they'd have the mindset that they can't get caught. I think an affective way to lower the crime rate would be to have a rehabilitation program for all prisons so there is less chance of people going back (because petty criminals go to bigger things if they don't get help) and better mental health services outside and in schools so kids who may grow up to have problems are able to get help. Unfortunately this would cost way to much.
  13. Miria

    death penalty...for or against

    Personaly I've never understood why people say criminals live better than what they do because their not, their just going day by day doing the same thing until they get out or die, just because they get free board and food it doesn't mean their actually living a happy life, I know if I was in prison I'd be seriously depressed. And no offence this is just my opinion, but I think killing in the name of the law is worse than killing because your unstable.
  14. Miria


    Thanks for the welcome, joining a forum is kinda fun
  15. I usually feel a bit bummed but if it was really good I'd feel sad and stop watching stuff for awhile