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  1. whenever i am bored or sad or tense.... luv to watch Ouran High School Host Club.... makes me laugh and relieves me from any tension or sadness... one of the best short show ever.... luv it....
  2. Alice Academy Galaxy Angels Initial D Sayuki Series Monkey Typhoon Ouran High School Host Club Fruits Basket Full Metal Panic Series Nodame Cantabile The Wallflower Soul Eater Ghost Hunt
  3. ryoma_7

    Favorite Anime

    my favorite animes are one piece, naruto and ouran high school host club.... luv them equally....
  4. ryoma_7

    One Piece

    luv this show and want them to dub all its episodes as fast as possible.... i rate it 10/10
  5. luv to watch anime and can't do without them.... they make me laugh and tension free.... my sis says i am way too cool headed and have no worries.... seen a lot in life but still live life as happy go lucky..... so will never give up on them....
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