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  1. Ryusaki

    anime games

    I have GSD Generation of CE but i can't play it in my laptop =(
  2. 2,268 ^^ ow..i hope i'm not too late to join
  3. 100Gb Soul Eater 1-38, got to complete this Gatekeepers Gatekeepers21 Chobits Tales of Abyss Baka to test Kamen Rider Kabuto Naruto Abridged Series? haha i downloaded this cuz of Gaara of the Funk xD
  4. Expandables! bwahaha for some reason i got too excited watching this.. weird i kept laughing when i saw the plane where a guy shoots rain of bullets from the nose of the plane xD
  5. Wing Zero + all other lead character MS = Gundam Wing Endless Waltz i also like the Ver. Ka for gunpla Strike Freedom + Destiny gundam= GSD
  6. Baka to Test 10/10 watched it together with my classm8s in their boarding house finished it in 1 day..bwhahaha > all of the eps are laughable xD
  7. Hello everyone =) Just registered today.. bwahahaha > Hmm, just trying out this forum.. I stumbled upon this forum when I was searching for CHOBITS in english dub then found http://english-dub.kametsu.com/ YAY i wonder where to report broken links or anything else? ex. CHOBITS ep16 and ep17 are the same so ep17 is missing ^^
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