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  1. The Apple service will be free to anyone who owns one of their products (e.g. you have Apple TV or an iPhone or a computer/tablet). But yeah, there will be new services (Universal - NBC/Comcast - now wants to get into it).
  2. Mine would be as follows: Grant Morrison Kurt Busiek Mark Waid Gail Simone I also like Gaiman as well but I think he's more of a writer who also works on comic books.
  3. @Kid Boruto No, the movie coming up is produced by Ellen DeGeneres and is a Warner Brothers production (they co-own The CW) and the tv show is different producers/writers and not the same cast and is a CBS production (which is the other co-owner of the CW) - so you would think they might consider making SOME sort of connection but as far as I can see, it's not planned.
  4. . Aquaman, which I enjoyed, and would recommend. Technically, the last movie(s) I saw were a double feature of The Death of Superman and Reign of the Superman cartoon a few weeks back. But that was a special showing, in just a few USA theaters, everyone else would need to buy the DVDs or watch it on the DC Universe streaming app or something else. I've also seen Venom recently (streamed, I missed it when it was out in theaters) and Bohemian Rhapsody and would recommend those as well as entertaining.
  5. There's a certain level of hoarding that goes amongst certain fans of things. When I was younger, and really into music, I'd buy a lot of it but I listened to pretty much 90% of what I owned, and there were things I would re-listen to many times. Now, all that stuff is digitized and there are things I keep, but don't listen to and tend to listen to NEW music, but I like owning it and very rarely sometimes do listen to it. Likewise, there's a lot of animation I've watched and a very few things I am storing digitally (but like a few others here, it's to share, or I belong to a hub where you need to have stuff to share) and not much of it is for re-watching. I horde graphic novels and comics but those are the smallest files I am keeping digitally. It's like having a Netflix account and discovering something that looks interesting but is 9 seasons worth of stuff; do you really want to start watching it with all the stuff you are currently regularly watching it. At some point, we're all going to go which means we might never find out how XYZ series or books or what have you, ends. That's life.
  6. Hello, I'm mostly a fan, from California, with a life-long interest in a variety of media but for the purposes of this site, it's mostly Western Animation, but I like a variety of different things from classic Tom & Jerry to Venture Brothers, Laika, etc. I'll happily try to contribute to the discussions but one of the reasons I'm also here is to try to learn some more about non-Western anime. Once I get more familiar with the site, I may find some other ways to participate.
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