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  1. Cells At Work! Season 2 has been confirmed to be in production at AnimeJapan 2019. A new key visual along with an announcement preview video trailer has been released.


    Cells At Work! Season 2 has the opportunity to build on the success of the anime series by expanding into a new body of work. Puns aside, it’s very possible that Hataraku Saibou Season 2 may draw upon the multiple spin-offs that the original series has inspired and go beyond the story of Red Blood Cell AE3803 and White Blood Cell U-1146.




    Not too long after the first season released, a Cells At Work! OVA episode was released in Japan on December 24, 2018. Crunchyroll aired the OVA episode with English subtitles starting December 26, 2018. Titled Common Cold Syndromes, the story is based on manga chapter 11 of Volume 3.


    While a chapter about the common cold sounds cut and dry storywise, it’s actually a comedy about a bored common cell teaming up with an infected cell. The story opens up with immune cells being pranked by the two cells. Unfortunately for that common cell, he figures out very quickly that his new “friend” has not-so-friendly intentions. Of course, the immune system saves the day and then the killer T-cells are forced to socialize.


    Source: monstersandcritics

  2. Seeing the hype and all, this is going to be the AoTS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Overall it is okay but not as great people say. I didn't like the fact that shield hero is ridiculed for apparently no reason or at least I can't find one. If the reason is he being a shield hero and to gain viewer empathy then it's lame. If there is no reason or a lame reason then this is also a generic Issekai title. First episodes were good but lately it's just another boring Issekai driven plot and adding lolis and moe stuff to attract the audience.

  3. 4 hours ago, Koby said:

    After watching 3 episodes I'm not even sure there is a plot.

    ep1 introduces the characters.
    ep2 shows dragongirl having an orgasm for a large portion of the ep before evolving.
    ep3 is about getting new clothes for the evolved dragongirl.
    7 eps left to go.

    Just watched two episodes and man there's literally no plot. But the animation was God level. Really beautiful animations. Looks like I will drop this. 

    2 hours ago, darkmaster006 said:

    It's a slice-of-life series. If you're not into that, you're not going to like it. As for myself, the main couple is very cute and I love slice-of-life, so this anime is really good and soothing <3.

    SOL? There's nothing like that. All I see is human Princess blushing upon seeing dragon princess. It's is purely targeted for moe fans. So saying it a SOL doesn't fit right.

  4. Actually I am surprised people voting for the show which isn't even completed airing. If it is just based on few episodes then Goblin slayer is no doubt the winner but overall GS has zero potential for a AoTS. It just had the serious head start with that infamous scene. If at all Irodoku, bloom into you or zombie land may be good to see, it may not be awesome but were really wholesome shows. Though I haven't seen first two but most of the reviews are positive. Zombie land saga was also good except that CGI idol performance. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Duckgoose said:

    I never gave thought to watching this anime, thinking it would be a kiddie show. Is this a kid's show or an anime starring kids?

    It's anime starring kids but it's much more. All the kids are kept in a closed house and and are raised for some specific reason (No spoiler introduced). When they learn about it they decide to escape it but what awaits them outside find out by watching it.

    It is definitely not a kiddie show, infact it is more like death note playing mind games. Watch two episodes and decide by yourself. I assure you, this will blow your mind.

  6. 40 minutes ago, LelouchVBritannia said:

    I hope so, but the number of voters decreases as the time passes by.


    As of the moment, we have 72 members who have voted.

    I hope it doesn't. 

    I always feel happy to see my favourite anime is being recognised, I hope everyone thinks the same and votes for their favourite.

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