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  1. My favorite Disney movie of all time. I can only hope that they do a good job. I wonder where they're filming it at. I'd like to plan my next visit back home so I can go check out the sets, and you never know, maybe they'll need some extras (assuming they will film any of it in Hawaii)
  2. I go through phases. Thanks to my previous job, I had to work nights in the busy summer season, and then switch to days in the slower winter season. I think I overall prefer mornings now, just because my eyes automatically get tired at around midnight and I couldn't stay awake if I wanted to.
  3. There's no G in Zero Oh well. Utahraptor [The Isle]
  4. Oh so many. For one I would definitely love to see The Pirates of Dark Water reborn. It never got a proper ending, and it deserved one. Mer was such a unique world, I'd love to see it animated in HD and really explore the lore a lot more.
  5. Prophecy (1979) Just re-watched again over the weekend. An old Cheesy movie, but the design of the creature was actually quite freaky. Toxic waste begins to cause mutations on animal life in the area, the main danger being a large mutated mother grizzly and her cubs. Not something you want running out of the woods into your campsite that's for sure. The only problem was that they decided to make it bipedal, which looked ridiculous and hampered an otherwise good concept.
  6. I'd rather have a bad movie remade into something good, then a good movie ruined by a bad remake. Hmmmm, maybe Frankenstein. Not that the abundance of films were all terrible, but I think a modern retelling that stays faithful to the source and utilizes cutting edge CGI for the creature could be very cool. What I've appreciated about the story is that the more advancements science brings in genetics and stem cells, the more relevant it seems to become.
  7. You're thinking of Hats Off To The Bull. I like Chevelle a lot myself. 12 Bloody Spies should be out in a couple of weeks,and I'm looking forward to it. One Republic is not really my taste, but to each their own.
  8. "Coach McGuirk: Remember what I told you about Area 51. Brendon: Yeah, it's where they store the frozen bodies of the aliens that landed on earth. Coach McGuirk: What about Area 52? Brendon: It's where they store the frozen bodies of the illegal aliens. Coach McGuirk: Very good. It's also a porn movie. But pretty much everything that comes out of Coach Mcguirk's mouth is pure gold to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpXxmnFimA0
  9. My dream car is one that runs. But in a perfect world where money was irrelevant, I wouldn't mind a Shelby Cobra. This one in particular.
  10. Ya, same here braddah. Me and my little bro would watch Franklin and Little Bear. I was a little older (10 or so) but I enjoyed them anyways, especially on rainy days or when I was sick. Funny thing, is that it wasn't until much later that I discovered one of my favorite musicians Bruce Cockburn sang the theme song for Franklin. Recently I discovered an almost forgotten cartoon movie I must have watched a hundred times when I was little. It was called Willy The Sparrow, and it's about this little kid who gets turned into a sparrow for trying to shoot sparrows by this wizard lady with a magic spray can. I haven't re-watched it yet, so I'm looking forward to it if I can find a copy of it somewhere.
  11. Yes, I have some great memories of getting up early to watch cartoons with my friends. But occasionally on a Saturday, I'll pop in one of my collections and enjoy some of my favorites, or something I haven't seen before.
  12. Nice to meet you all. I'm a fan of all sorts of cartoons and anime. I grew up with the cartoons of the 80's to 90's era. But I watched plenty of reruns of all the older shows whenever I could. I'm a big fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genres and I also greatly enjoy comedies. Hopefully we can talk further at some of the discussion boards and make some good memories. Mahalo!
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