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  1. King_Bklyn

    What's everyone's opinion on "Thundercats Roar"?

    Yeah, basically a "Teen Titans Go" approach.
  2. King_Bklyn

    What's everyone's opinion on "Thundercats Roar"?

    The new TMNT series is quite an oddity, I admit but it seems to have potential in certain areas despite the art style and numerous changes to the characters. Weirdly enough, the action scenes are not that bad though. But as for Thundercats Roar, I honestly hope it fails but you know... "For the kids".
  3. So as everyone knows, "Thundercats Roar" is the upcoming third animated series in the Thundercats franchise following the short-lived reboot from 2011. I was introduced to the original show by a cousin who recorded some episodes on VHS, instantly loving it. I thought the 2011 reboot was promising and definitely had potential, so it was disappointing to hear at the time that it wasn't coming back for a second season. So imagine my surprise when I heard that WB Animation were bringing back the Thundercats... In the form of "Thundercats Roar". Looking at the promotional poster and the short teaser, I was incredibly disappointed as many people and dedicated fans were. For them to take such beloved characters and basically downgrade them for the sake of comedy? It's insulting and I don't know what both Cartoon Network and WB Animation were smoking when agreeing on the concept. I get that this is more focused toward the younger demographic, but it's still pretty jarring that they would think everyone would accept this and not expect backlash. So what's everyone else's thoughts on this?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here. Found out about this place while looking for some classic cartoons for a personal hard drive I'm working on. I have a question though... Is there any way I can request for some cartoons I need? Thanks in advance.
  5. Is there anyway to make a request something for someone to upload on here?

    1. Andi


      the request section can be found here


    2. King_Bklyn


      There seems to be a problem. When I click on the page, it says that it could not be found.

    3. RyanEsau


      Probably a post count requirement block? Participate in the forum some. 

  6. King_Bklyn

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Finding Dory... Just as good as the first movie. Had me in my feelings lol