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  1. Index III dub would be a massive undertaking considering the amount of returning talent required to be called in and general size of the cast, I heard whispers that Mikoto's english dub actor did confirm a simuldub was planned during a funimation stream and I just waited till an official announcement was made. If it hasn't been announced already then I'm not sure it will be, or at the very least it'll be a while until the simuldub thing starts.
  2. Honestly the biggest worry I had for this season was with the character art department, as Index II was a considerable step down; but with what was briefly shown in the latest PV it looks like the character art is up there with Heavy Object and Railgun S's stronger character art. Index I and II do seem a bit rough now that I look back, mostly because it was made in 720p and is close to 10 years old; or it will be when the Index III anime airs shortly after the original Anime airdate in 2008. Also Hi, i'm a Index community fan from elsewhere, looking to reach out a bit. Came here from denzels work on the dual audio package actually.