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  1. Cetacea

    Does FLAC matter?

    Personally I keep everything highest possible quality, so if the audio can be obtained in FLAC, or even PCM in some cases, thats a bonus for me. As has been mentioned, it helps to have equipment that makes that difference in quality audible, but it also is great for the sake of the future, in the case that files without loseless audio "disappear" from your available sources and you can't find that information again. The drawback is the storage costs, so saving FLAC every time is not for everyone, but it definitely is the collector/archivist/datahoarder route.
  2. Cetacea

    Hello everyone

    Had this account for a little bit but haven't used it much, now suddenly boards are disappearing for me, so hopefully this post is enough to show I'm at least alive, albeit busy in life.
  3. happy i found this place, hopefully will be a good community for getting releases