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  1. Nintenerd

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Yeah sorry, WVstream; dyslexia. So, what's the new method then? .-.
  2. Nintenerd

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Can somebody please give me instructions on how to use VMstream?? it's like I think I got the right .mpd and license info... but I have no clue what to do with this shit in the command prompt and I really don't feel like brute-forcing every syntax combination until I get a response; It's like VMstream is asking me to cook it a complex meal, but it's not telling me exactly HOW it wants me to serve that meal, so I'd have to "cook" every possible combination of everything until I get the syntax right. I shouldn't need to do statistical math to know that I'll probably win the loterry before figuring this out by myself. Could somebody PLEASE just put me in the right direction? Trying to make a Web-dl of the old MGM Tom Sawyer (2000) movie through Prime Video. Please, someone spare my sanity.
  3. Finally! God, I loved this show when it first started, but then it peaked so hard when they ran out of shit to drive the plot Seriously, I remember the earlier seasons when there were jokes and gags like Leonard sitting in the giant-ass time machine while everyone around him pretended to be going forward in time, or when they all accidentally dressed up as The Flash for Halloween and Raj suggested they all walk behind each other in a single-file line pretending to be one really fast man. A few months ago, an episode from the current season was airing while I was eating dinner with my family; Sheldon said "fool me n times, shame on you. Fool me n+1 times, shame on me." I really watched this show way longer than I actually needed to; I guess I was too committed to seeing what would happen next that the damn laugh track conditioned me on when to laugh on cue like a Pavlovian dog. I'm glad this show can be put to rest. CBS needs to step up their game to make sitcoms that do not rely on canned laughter and take bigger risks instead of maintaining their politically-biased and "family-friendly" status quo; seriously, The Late Show is doing to Stephen Colbert like what Full House once did to Bob Saget.