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  1. When does "Team Umizoomi" come back on Treehouse TV in Canada?

  2. If I watch things on Viaplay, I need a MasterCard with its serial number. How can I watch things on  Viaplay without a MasterCard but with just a free trial ever??? I wasn't asking things like that. I was just asking whether if I can find things myself instead of requesting because they won't even know what things are. That's becoming a boss.

    1. Koby


      You can't obviously.

    2. dangerousvhs


      You might be able to buy one in a store.

  3. Kametsu is back, so I can get back to needing what's in my mind! :D

  4. I'm doing fine, thank goodness! :)

    I'm so glad!

  5. Why read Bridge to Terabithia?!?

    1. NeutralHatred


      These status updates are spam. If you continue to post these, I will start hiding them and revoking your posting privileges. If you have requests, post them properly in the Request subforum.

  6. If Elton John, Tim Rice and Beyonce would do a new song for the end of the Lion King (the 2019 live action movie) for the end credits, what would the name of the song be? We'd love to find it on YouTube and on .mp3 format in order for the Lion King lovers, like me, to download it! :)

  7. I watched the new teaser trailer for the 2019 live-action movie called The Lion King and once it's released in theaters by July 19 of 2019, can someone find a high quality movie in order for me to download the .mp4 format movie in 480p?


    Here are the reasons we would like the new Lion King movie of 2019 in high quality:

    - Any person keep recording with their video cameras in the movie theater.

    - People keep laughing while the person is recording.


    It would be so nice if Disney would also release the early digital version too! :)


  9. There's a SpongeBob episode that's dubbed in Hindi. And it has a part where all the characters say together: "THEEK HAI, MISTER KRABS!!!" What's the name of the episode? And, where can I find it - even on voot.com?

    1. Arian


      I'm guessing you're referring to "Oh yeah, Mr. Krabs!" In which case that would be Mid-Life Crustacean.

    2. AnukJain
  10. Which one is the request section in order to make requests properly??

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. dangerousvhs


      Because you lot confused him.

    3. NeutralHatred


      If he posted in the request forum before this, how did this update after the fact confuse him?

    4. dangerousvhs


      Hmm, it looks like at first he failed to post in the request section and it was moved. I seem to remember there being some mocking responses afterwards, but it seems the worst ones have been removed. If I had to guess, the comments scared this person as he seems not to understand English too well.

  11. I'm looking for a much good audio version of Space Jam dubbed in Hindi. When I looked it up, the audio quality is wrong. So I was wondering, will you find a Hindi dubbed version of Space Jam with much good audio, without any wrong sounds and perfect quality, like in a DVD and Blu-Ray? I would love to watch Space Jam in Hindi.


    Please let me know. Thanks!! :) :)

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Inverti


      Actually, you were very clear in your message, and that's how I see it too. At the end of the day, Kametsu prioritizes in delivering English content, and anything that isn't is queued at the end of the priority list, if at all. 

    3. dangerousvhs


      So we agree that anyone who wants to upload good quality cartoons in Hindi or any random language that even fewer people speak should be welcome to. I'd have liked it if you were less rude to this user but I guess that wasn't your intention.

    4. Inverti


      Yes, we have reached an agreement on that regard. 

  12. I have a question. What kind of Indian VPN do you have?? Just asking.

    1. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      I'm using https://hidemyna.me. They have indian server along other ones

  13. You can also record all the Finnish episodes of Team Umizoomi from Viaplay with a screen recorder if any of you live in Finland.



    The language selections are: Suomi, Ruotsi, Norja, Tanska - you can select "Suomi" on all the season 1 episodes from "Suuri venekisa" to "Leikkipuiston sankarit" - and you can upload them on either Google Drive or MEGA.


    Then I would be so happy to choose one episode at a time! :) And if I love the episode, I'll choose another day when I could choose another one! Please let me know. Thanks again!!

    1. AnukJain


      I can see where this is going. Thanks for the point.

  14. I have a request. If any of you live in Finland, could you please record the Finnish version of a Team Umizoomi episode: "Carnival" from the Nick Jr. channel if it's on your TV - it probably starts on Tuesday, the 2nd of October at 22:50 to 23:10 European Time (23:50 to 00:10 Finland Time) - and if it's ready, please upload it on either Google Drive or MEGA.


    If it's not possible, try using a screen recorder to screen record the episode from Viaplay, even if any of you live in Finland



    Select "Suomi" as your language track, and even if it's possible, also I would love the Danish and Norwegian versions if you can select "Norja" and "Tanska".


    I would LOVE to see the Finnish version of Carnival. The Finnish title is "Karnevaali".


    Please let me know. Thanks!! :)

  15. When does Team Umizoomi start airing on the TV channel of Nick Jr. in India?

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