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  1. Ooooh this might be perfect to try out, been tired searching for old movies everywhere.
  2. YummyTea

    What's your favorite romantic anime?

    When it comes to romance, hmmm... I'd go for Oregairu (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.). I haven't read the manga yet to confirm if there's more content there, but even though it's quite a cliffhanger, it still takes number one spot for me. When going for harem i guess To LOVE-Ru is best <3. And I won't forget to add Golden Time, even though the the opening in the first episode suggested what I want would never happen, still made me cry more than 5 times.
  3. YummyTea

    Newb here

    ~I've checked out some releases already and I'd say it's pretty neat. This is now officially one of the sites I'd check regularly. I just want to ask though, because I can't seem to discern much on which releases are BD, TV, and Web-DL. Do you have a list of which are BDs? I want to share BD releases with my friends as much as possible.~ Scratch that, I just found out about the tags. Also Admin looks like a Breaking Bad fan (best TV series I've watched in my life), I want pizza lmao
  4. YummyTea

    Newb here

    Hi, I was taken here while searching for some torrents in nyaa. First impressions are that it is a well-taken care of site and cleanly organized (rarely see those nowadays). Also pretty secure and active I guess. I don't know if this is the right sub-forum to ask for questions (and I hope someone will answer), but I will go ahead and ask. 1) (Veteran-question) Since I can't access any projects yet (until I post this I guess), are there many who seeds the projects here? 2) I was led here because it hosted projects which I couldn't find elsewhere, but there were also those which I already have. In your opinion, is it preferable to have Kametsu releases rather than other releases? 3) I saw levels. Do I get to use more features/posts (like profile editing features as I can't seem to find it) as I level up? 4)I know there are FAQs and Guidelines here, but can you give me links to the really importants ones I need to read? That's all for now, I really hope someone replies to this.