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  1. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    what is your favorite web animated series?

    I watched this on TV (so I'm not sure if this counts) but later found out it was a web show, it's relatively unknown though but I really enjoyed it at the time even though it was really weird. The name is Afterworld and it's CG animated sci-fi telling the story of Russel Shoemaker who is searching for his family in a dystopian post apocalyptic world, he can't remember the events that led to what happened and he narrates the story himself mostly while trying to figure out everything. I was in my early teens when I watched it and it was definitely something else, I've not even seen the ending yet but somehow it's stuck to me all these years.
  2. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What are the Cartoons you grew up with?

    Too many to mention them all, so will just list the first generation of cartoons I watched (that I remember, would probably forget some) : Silverhawks (watched this every morning before going to primary school), Voltron, Dino Riders, Tom & Jerry, X-Men: TAS, Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Spider-Man: TAS, The Incredible Hulk: TAS, Iron Man: TAS, Fantastic 4: TAS, Batman Beyond, Project ZETA, Superbook (lol), Gadget Boy & Heather, Digimon, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo: Where Are You, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, Dexter's Laboratory, Animaniacs, Freakazoid!, Biker Mice From Mars, Sonic Underground, Johnny Bravo, Cow & Chicken, Pinky and the Brain, Droopy: Master Detective, Top Cat, Captain Caveman, Mona the Vampire, Rupert, Rugrats, ThunderCats. This was before we got good cable in my house when I was around 10 and after that this list explodes into a much larger count
  3. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Underrated Animated Films

    Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  4. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    The first anime you watch

    The first anime I watched was Rurouni Kenshin (didn't know it was an anime at the time though). The first anime I did watch with the intent of watching anime was Bleach
  5. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What is your favorite cartoon of the 80's?

    ThunderCats, Voltron, G-Force (which I liked even more than Voltron), Silver Hawks, Robotech, TMNT, Inspector Gadget, He-Man and the Masters of the universe, Dino-Riders
  6. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What is your favorite ps3 exclusive game

    Yakuza 3 - 5
  7. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Best anime of the season

    See answer above. JoJo Part 5 has been really good so far
  8. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Canceled Shows

    Nearly every show that got cancelled on CN was due to them not selling toys enough. Green Lantern, ThunderCats Reboot, Symbionic Titans and Young Justice I know for a fact were due to that. And that really sucks, it feels like a really shitty reason tbh but that's due to the target audience CN has. I do hope more of these kinds of shows take a more Netflix route from now on. There's definitely still a market for most of them, they just need to sell to the right audience.
  9. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    Windjammers (I'm so fucking happy its getting a sequel after all these years) Final Fight WarioWare Bushido Blade Rival Schools X-Men: Children of the Atom (The Capcom fighting game) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Tetris
  10. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What's Your Favorite Trope?

    Delinquent with a heart of gold. I like when dudes (or gals) who look really rough around the edges have really good hearts and look out for others
  11. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Who likes Rock Music?

    I love music in general but rock has always been my fave genre. I listen to all kinds of rock too, from classic to British metal to Grunge, Post Rock, Alternative, Celtic Rock, J-Rock et all. Favourite bands are Queen, One OK Rock, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Kamelot, Ne Obliviscaris, Thank You Scientist.
  12. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Final Fantasy X. I clocked around 300 hrs on the ps2's initial release and and I have another hundred hours clocked on the HD version
  13. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Is there a game you re-play every year?

    GodHand and any of the One Piece Pirate Warriors games, I like all 3 of them for different reasons so I alternate replaying them
  14. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    tablets were ment for anime hands down

    Tablets are my favourite way of consuming media. I have the Samsung 7 inch tab and its the best screen ratio for reading especially. I enjoy a lot of comics and manga on the go because of it. Its also great for watching stuff too. Its too bad tablets are kind of a dying market nowadays. Been meaning to upgrade but I haven't seen anything in the same form factor that would satisfy me, I wish Nvidia would update their Shield Tablet and still keep it 8 inches, would definitely upgrade if that were to happen.
  15. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Your Top 5 Comic Book Writers?

    Mine are; - Warren Ellis - Chris Claremont - Kurt Busiek - J. Michael Straczynki - Greg Rucka