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  1. 2>5>4>6>3>1>7 I'm halfway through Steel Ball Run so I haven't read Jojolion but I'm finding SBR difficult to finish for some reason.
  2. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Doctor Who

    Jodie Whittaker was a pretty good doctor. Chibnall though was very hit or miss with his writing. Could have definitely been better but IMO definitely not the worst season we've had so far.
  3. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    what is your favorite web animated series?

    I watched this on TV (so I'm not sure if this counts) but later found out it was a web show, it's relatively unknown though but I really enjoyed it at the time even though it was really weird. The name is Afterworld and it's CG animated sci-fi telling the story of Russel Shoemaker who is searching for his family in a dystopian post apocalyptic world, he can't remember the events that led to what happened and he narrates the story himself mostly while trying to figure out everything. I was in my early teens when I watched it and it was definitely something else, I've not even seen the ending yet but somehow it's stuck to me all these years.
  4. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What are the Cartoons you grew up with?

    Too many to mention them all, so will just list the first generation of cartoons I watched (that I remember, would probably forget some) : Silverhawks (watched this every morning before going to primary school), Voltron, Dino Riders, Tom & Jerry, X-Men: TAS, Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Spider-Man: TAS, The Incredible Hulk: TAS, Iron Man: TAS, Fantastic 4: TAS, Batman Beyond, Project ZETA, Superbook (lol), Gadget Boy & Heather, Digimon, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo: Where Are You, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, Dexter's Laboratory, Animaniacs, Freakazoid!, Biker Mice From Mars, Sonic Underground, Johnny Bravo, Cow & Chicken, Pinky and the Brain, Droopy: Master Detective, Top Cat, Captain Caveman, Mona the Vampire, Rupert, Rugrats, ThunderCats. This was before we got good cable in my house when I was around 10 and after that this list explodes into a much larger count
  5. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Underrated Animated Films

    Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  6. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    The first anime you watch

    The first anime I watched was Rurouni Kenshin (didn't know it was an anime at the time though). The first anime I did watch with the intent of watching anime was Bleach
  7. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What is your favorite cartoon of the 80's?

    ThunderCats, Voltron, G-Force (which I liked even more than Voltron), Silver Hawks, Robotech, TMNT, Inspector Gadget, He-Man and the Masters of the universe, Dino-Riders
  8. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What is your favorite ps3 exclusive game

    Yakuza 3 - 5
  9. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Canceled Shows

    Nearly every show that got cancelled on CN was due to them not selling toys enough. Green Lantern, ThunderCats Reboot, Symbionic Titans and Young Justice I know for a fact were due to that. And that really sucks, it feels like a really shitty reason tbh but that's due to the target audience CN has. I do hope more of these kinds of shows take a more Netflix route from now on. There's definitely still a market for most of them, they just need to sell to the right audience.
  10. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    Windjammers (I'm so fucking happy its getting a sequel after all these years) Final Fight WarioWare Bushido Blade Rival Schools X-Men: Children of the Atom (The Capcom fighting game) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Tetris
  11. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What's Your Favorite Trope?

    Delinquent with a heart of gold. I like when dudes (or gals) who look really rough around the edges have really good hearts and look out for others
  12. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Who likes Rock Music?

    I love music in general but rock has always been my fave genre. I listen to all kinds of rock too, from classic to British metal to Grunge, Post Rock, Alternative, Celtic Rock, J-Rock et all. Favourite bands are Queen, One OK Rock, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Kamelot, Ne Obliviscaris, Thank You Scientist.
  13. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Final Fantasy X. I clocked around 300 hrs on the ps2's initial release and and I have another hundred hours clocked on the HD version
  14. K1LL3R_R0N1N

    Is there a game you re-play every year?

    GodHand and any of the One Piece Pirate Warriors games, I like all 3 of them for different reasons so I alternate replaying them