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  1. Season 3 part 2 PV is out BOIIIIS And it's looking gorgeous! HYPE
  2. I'm not a manga reader, but I heard it should end sometime in 2019
  3. Well, just finished ep 49, and man, what an episode, seeing Erwin all pumped was hype af. And holy shit what was that ending?! It legit scared the crap out of me. I'm so curious and hyped for next season! This show just doesn't let me catch my breath, and I love it!
  4. Well aside of the CG colossal, season 2 animation was pretty great, both animation and art wise. Imho it's not a leap that huge, since CG applied to characters just wouldn't look good on S3 either, nor on any anime in general as of today. (with the exception of Houseki no Kuni) But I agree the sakuga scenes so fare have been amazing, Levi swinging around in ep 1 in first place.
  5. Yes I'm pretty sure the second cour will have a different OP
  6. Depends on what you want to do with the PC. The 970 is a pretty good GPU, so I'd upgrade the other parts unless you play AAA games at max settings regularly. Would be useful to know what mobo and ram you already have, actually, we'd need to know your PSU too. Just post your complete config lol.
  7. YAAAS can't wait to hear it Seems like this series really knows how to please all kinds of fans.
  8. So designs ARE different, I thought I was crazy cause my friends said they saw nothing different lol. The characters seem slightly older, especially Eren, and this makes it feel like time has passed for them too, I like it.
  9. Well, it's not bad imho, but surely it's a totally different style, and I too am a bit disappointed. I heard it fits the upcoming more "calm" arc (I'm not a manga reader, idk) , so it's fine I guess. But yeah I really hope Liked Horizon come back, cause theire style it's ingrained in the series, and it's perfect for it.
  10. Thank you all guys, currently grabbing cloaknsmoke S1v2. Season 2 seems to be stuck at 55.2% ,and Season 3 torrent isn't in good shape either. Any chance one of you can upload cloaknsmoke S2 (ep 154 to 143) on Mega?
  11. Hello, I'm currently hoarding one piece releases in the hope of, some day, make a consistent and complete release myself. For now I have: [df68] 1 to 351 + movies 1 to 11 [sofcj] 1080p BDrips 579 to 743 (which I believe are the only BDrips available(???) ) So are there some other good releases around that I should grab? (I only care about video quality, so sub, dub or raw are all fine)
  12. If you don't mind cam rip, the first ep is already on nyaa
  13. Thank you! Worked like a charm. Another amazing software I didn't know about to add to the collection
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