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  1. Web Originals were the worst mistake in TV history.

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    2. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      I have to translate them. Work...

    3. EccentricOne


      Then you wouldn't have a job if they didn't exist :P - because if translating something else was an option why aren't you doing that instead?

    4. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      I would probably be translating superior regular TV series, and I still do sometimes

  2. Did anyone read A Series of Unfortunate Events books? Are they just as stupid as the Netflix series based on them?

    1. emjay911


      You can check out Goodreads, its like the IMDB for movies and MAL for anime except its for books.

      I agree the Netflix series was a bore.





  3. What's with web-originals and character overload? Why does almost every live action Amazon/Netflix/whatever original has to have 30+ characters in each episode?

  4. I wanna bite someone's face off. Is this normal, or should I decrease my coffee intake?

    1. PrincessAlicia


      I feel that way everyday, and I don't drink coffee! so could be normal!

    2. jhoopes517
  5. Trick question: can you summon Beetlejuice or Bloody Mary with Netflix subtitles?

    1. ThePJzer


      That's a negative Will Robinson.


      The Beetlejuice "Chant" and the modern Bloody Mary "Ritual" both require vocalization, with the latter having additional physical acts that need to be performed as well.




    2. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      Sure, but there is also one more important impediment :)

  6. Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy and we shall have peace

    1. Saf


      Always knew you were evil.

    2. Scyrous



    3. Bersu Ryvec
  7. Superheroes are bloody retarded: "Yeah, I'm not gonna kill this guy, responsible for countless murders, bribes, robberies, and I'm not gonna let anyone else kill him too!!!111"

    I'm saddened the western audiences eat this up

    1. EccentricOne


      Are they, or are you misunderstanding the point of that?


      Doing so would make them just as bad as the villains they fight and would be too easy. Imagine Superman just straight up killing every bad guy he comes across, It would be childs play for him to do so.


      The movie Superman vs The Elite covers this topic quite well.


      As a piece of entertainment it has to make some contrivances to keep the story going, you can't have the Heroes being cold blooded killers for a multitude of reasons.


      and if that's what you want, why don't you watch a show where the Heroes does kill, like Arrow season 1.


      Heroes are supposed to bring them in for justice, not be judge jury and executioner.


      Not to mention that Heroes do in fact kill the bad guys quite often when they are left with no other choice, much like the Police; The police won't just kill the bad guys straight away unless they have no choice.

  8. I have a question. What kind of Indian VPN do you have?? Just asking.

    1. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      I'm using https://hidemyna.me. They have indian server along other ones

  9. How come Netflix and Amazon originals are so awful outside of animation ones? Pointless dialogues, dozens of characters, dragging on for hours and hours on end.

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    2. EccentricOne


      Another thing we're not considering here is episode count


      Netflixs marvel shows have something like 13 episodes per season


      So I ask you which is potentially wasting more of my time,  23 x 44minutes or 13x 60 minute episodes


      Honestly if you're into the thing you wouldn't even think about this but its still sort of interesting.


      I've honestly wished The Flash had less episodes because they clearly can't keep the momentum up for 23 episodes every time. 

    3. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec


      So I ask you which is potentially wasting more of my time,  23 x 44minutes or 13x 60 minute episodes

      13x60 obviously, but unlike Netflix, they don't dump them all at once. Weak consolation, but still something 😊



      Honestly if you're into the thing you wouldn't even think about this but its still sort of interesting.

      1. The problem of not sticking to 44" slot goes FAR beyond capesh*t shows, it's just that they are perfect examples of why, in most cases, padding out makes the show boring.

      2. I get paid to translate stuff, and not always can choose what to translate. so sometimes. I get to do superhero shows 😥

    4. Koby


      I feel like Netflix 10x60 and 13x60 offer much tighter plots than TheCW Arrowverse 23x44. Usually by mid-season Arrowverse they've completely ran out of steam for the season and are just kind of whimpering towards the season finale. While the Netflix Marvel shows seem to stay steady for the entire season (aside from LC S1). So yeah I've had that complaint as well EssentricOne, where I've voiced that I've felt the Arrowverse should condense their seasons into shorter runs or split seasons into two separate story arcs like Once Upon a Time did often.


      I have no problem with the hour long run time per episode.


      Hell shows like Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. often have 60-80 minute run-time episodes not counting the commercials cause Sutter likes to often fill 1hr30min and 2hr time-slots, but those episodes often due seem to be dragged out at times just for the sake of dragging it out.

  10. Will anyone be ripping Hilda from Netflix? Scene guys aren't too quick to grab cartoons

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    2. DigiPokeMon


      Where did you get 3 hours from?



    3. Dulus_No


      Hilda S01 1080p Netflix WEB-DL DD+ 5.1 x264-TrollHD 8.81 GB

      on BTN/MTV


    4. TheOneWhoSees
  11. I feel the urge. The Urge to Purge

    1. Koby


      Koby is playing The.First.Purge.2018.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-CMRG.mkv ◘ 3.405 GiB ◘ [00:01:00 / 01:37:25] in mpv 0.29.0-21-gd2d7dba6ee

    2. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      Heh. I'll be translating The Purge S01E03 in a few minutes


  13. I made them odd because I can't even

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