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  1. CHM-XAC

    Dark/black theme?

    I don't know the names of the themes. They actually don't show on my phone. Anyway all themes are not dark enough to my personal taste (but my personal taste is pure black to go with my AMOLED). However; with Night Mode, I have a 95% black mode (only headers and borders remain in color, albeit dimmer) so I'm fine with that.
  2. CHM-XAC

    Dark/black theme?

    That's unfortunate that there is no pure black but not the apocalypse either. I'll just keep using S Internet then. Thanks!
  3. CHM-XAC

    Dark/black theme?

    Hello! Please tell me of this is posted in the wrong place because I am not sure this is the right place (it says feedback). I wanted to know if it would be possible to have a dark or pure black theme for the forums? S Internet night mode is filling the gap but it would be nice to have a real dark/black mode regardless of the browser or platform (since S Internet is only on Android and Chromebooks by extension).
  4. CHM-XAC

    Name Change Announcement

    I want to change my name. I used Ginette because I couldn't think of a good name. Now I have chosen to pick CHM, which is what I partially use on other platforms.
  5. Thank you! And also thank you for telling me which software to use! EDIT: Shoot it's expensive. Oh yeah, it doesn't have to be...
  6. Here. Skip to 15:45 https://mega.nz/#!yjw0BARK!cYAls1yUPwr7aDa4RYhTLQgx6XtxBnW2WsZ2BtOjNV8 (Sorry for the big file, it's a precaution because my feed is sometimes off schedule by +-10 minutes)
  7. Uh, the MS Photos app. I can't get Premiere Pro to open any H.264 video. If you want I can give you the source file
  8. Ow. I think that's my feed unfortunately. Because the non-trimmed source file also cuts here. If anyone knows when it reruns on CN UK I'll record it again.
  9. The Amazing World of Gumball S6 Ep ?? - The Awareness. Thanks to Dulus_No for the fix! https://mega.nz/#!KmhHkQaC!SR2Mfok1jN61WyywMkL4yaN_x62iZPnmVXYsmShUi9s
  10. I have the episode!!! Now uploading
  11. Sorry I could not record yesterday's episode (my feed turned into a CN US HD feed for Total Dramarama and the AT Finale). But you're in for a treat as today my UK feed is in HD. I'll upload it as soon as it's done recording.
  12. I have a CN UK feed so I'll try. CN FR is also airing The Stink. I cannot guarentee a HD CN UK feed but I have a FHD CN FR feed so maybe I can try to upload the UK ep, and then merge the audio with the FHD video. Unfortunately The Awareness is not airing in France yet
  13. Okay. Sorry for bothering you and thank you for all the stuff you made.
  14. Yeah I know I havent been very grateful to the people that do all of this. I would honestly have done it myself but 1: The new eps are not on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or MS Movies. 2: Im not in the US so I cannot rip from the app But I understand completely your point