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  1. CHM-XAC

    Dark/black theme?

    I don't know the names of the themes. They actually don't show on my phone. Anyway all themes are not dark enough to my personal taste (but my personal taste is pure black to go with my AMOLED). However; with Night Mode, I have a 95% black mode (only headers and borders remain in color, albeit dimmer) so I'm fine with that.
  2. CHM-XAC

    Dark/black theme?

    That's unfortunate that there is no pure black but not the apocalypse either. I'll just keep using S Internet then. Thanks!
  3. CHM-XAC

    Dark/black theme?

    Hello! Please tell me of this is posted in the wrong place because I am not sure this is the right place (it says feedback). I wanted to know if it would be possible to have a dark or pure black theme for the forums? S Internet night mode is filling the gap but it would be nice to have a real dark/black mode regardless of the browser or platform (since S Internet is only on Android and Chromebooks by extension).
  4. CHM-XAC

    Name Change Announcement

    I want to change my name. I used Ginette because I couldn't think of a good name. Now I have chosen to pick CHM, which is what I partially use on other platforms.
  5. CHM-XAC

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Pretty much anything from CN. Its so good. Still rewatching Regular Show daily
  6. CHM-XAC

    Is there a game you re-play every year?

    Super Mario World. Great classic
  7. CHM-XAC

    CN's "Best Summer Ever": a fraud?

    Well in March we were supposed to get 16 New OK KO eps (4/week-end) but qe only got 12. And those 4 get aired this summer. Obviously for SU that changes nothing since they just love to air new episodes in an erratic way. Just saying that in France they aired 18 new episodes in 2 weeks, and that includes A Single Pale Rose. But I am not here to rant on SU scheduling. And sorry for the late reply
  8. When CN announced the Best Summer Ever, I had my hopes up. But with only 5 new episodes airing a week, (do not count Clarence's burn off on weekends) well it seems like a big fraud. Indeed, there is no "New Episodes Every Hour, Every Day" its merely a huge rerun session of 5 eps a week. I think we lost at the change. If they had, like the UK, just gave all their shows a nice, massive New Firdays block, we would have 14 New episodes of "Everything" Every Week, besides We Bare Bears which is on hiatus since the March Madness special. Or at least like in France, where their dump 14 New episodes of a show in 2 weeks and rerun the said episode all the day it would have been a much more worthy of being called "The Best Summer Ever" (or they dump 14 New Eps in a day, man imagine 14 New eps of Steven Universe in a day? THAT I would call the best summer ever). So what do you guys think? Is "The Best Summer Ever" really the best? Do you like it how it is or do you think like me its a little of a misrepresentation?