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  1. Guys, there is an awesome anime called Monster, which many of you may already know all too well, however despite that it is not very easily available- not in good quality at least. I am sure most of you who have watched the show have loved the story as much as I have so far into my 10th episode. However I want, very strongly, a better quality for this show! I tried checking available DVDs and legal source in order to get the best quality, but I could not find any fitting source. Please help out in this endeavor if you can- to publicize our favorite show for the people unfortunate enough to be missing it! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, recently I have had the pleasure of watching the Magi season 1. Unfortunately in my country the websites well known for pirating anime are unavailable.... and I have had the taste of magi flac qualities in dubbed version and I really would love the next season in flac and dubbed as well! So if anybody has any means to present me with the next season of Magi in flac quality dubbed, please share it with me! I understand the implications and rather obvious solution- just go and pay for at chrunchyroll but it will be subbed, then go to Netflix! However do not want to pay a subscription fee for a month just for one show. Of course if all else fails I would rather do that. So if anybody knows of a torrent link for that please share... I would prefer a dvd release torrent! thanks!
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