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  1. facenap

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    wvdownloader uses ssd_wv.dll is the same with wvdecrypter. wvstream and wvdecrypter are written by https://github.com/liberty-developer so i think the bug is the same. i found wvdownloader http://www.mediafire.com/file/zplykasbmw8873l/wvd.rar in bitcointalk.
  2. facenap

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    i found https://www.52pojie.cn/thread-609243-1-1.html. it explains a bug in chrome which makes it easy to rip movies. i think the bug is used by wvstream, wvdownloader and wvdecrypter. Amazon streams now enforces a DRM policy called "decrypt and decode", but wvdecrypter are still available in some sites. if anyone is writing up CdmProxy.dll explained in this article, let me know as i can tell you bugs in some site let you watch movies without purchasing.
  3. facenap

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I found a glitch of streaming anime, drama, Hollywood movies without purchasing in a Japanese VOD site. However, the contents are drmed by widevine so I cant download the contents. Does WVDownloader allow me to rip the contents other than Amazon? Can I have the tool? Please pm me.