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  1. toonami335

    About the new Ubuntu 18.04

    I'm starting to get used to the new Gnome interface. For one, it looks a lot like the Unity UI. Some parts are still a bit unstable at this point. But I figure those issues will be solved in the 18.04.1 update. Also, some of the programs I use have yet to come up with packages for 18.04 so I'm using the 16.04 versions of those with no issues till date.
  2. I'm pretty sure an acted series can't beat the visuals of the game. Even so, I hope Netflix does not disappoint.
  3. toonami335

    About the new Ubuntu 18.04

    So today/yesterday (depending on timezone), Ubuntu 18.04 with the new Gnome interface was released. I was sitting for a while looking at the release page (the release got delayed because of a last minute bug) with eager anticipation. This version is a major turning point because the entire UI was changed from Unity to Gnome. I for one, liked Unity very much. The first linux I ever used was ubuntu and it came with Unity. So, for me, it's like a core part of Ubuntu was taken away. I know a lot of people prefer other UI to Unity. What are you guys' thoughts on dropping Unity in favor of Gnome?
  4. toonami335

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing a lot of ESO lately. Mostly because of the paid subscription. I just feel like it's eating into my money if I don't play. Any other ESO players?
  5. toonami335

    Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Hello guys. I'm hoping to have a fine time here. Cheers