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  1. toonami335

    What OS is beter?

    I use Windows on my desktop and Linux on my laptop and sometimes Mac at office and I think all of them have their share of shit.
  2. toonami335

    What OS is beter?

    None of them are. Each has it's share of features and problems.
  3. toonami335

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Tokyo Ravens And I want a second season right about now.
  4. toonami335

    Why are main characters intentionally dense?

    That may be so but I still hate it. Like keeping it from the protag is fine as long as it's kept from the audience as well. I don't feel stupid then. Authors should really stop doing that dense protag thing.
  5. toonami335

    Why are main characters intentionally dense?

    What about cases where something is made apparent to the audience and everyone around except the protag. That's what I feel stupid watching. Like, everyone gets it; why can't you? Do you have a brain? I need to open up your skull and take a look cause I'm having doubts.
  6. toonami335

    last game you completed (any game)

    Last major one is Nier Automata. There are usually some smaller ones between two major ones.
  7. I've seen this cliche over and over again and I'm tried of it. The main character is designed extremely dense and stupid. He(mostly)/She doesn't seem to get what the audience gets. Hell, even the main character's friends can understand what is plainly in sight but the main character just doesn't seem to make a connection that's sitting right in front of him. Why do we have to deal with this? Why hasn't this cliche died off already? It makes me feel stupid just watching it.
  8. toonami335

    How's your hard drive doing?

    Lets see, 3x 2TB drives full of media with only 500G free (pretty difficult to maintain the free space) 1x 1TB with 2 partitions, 1 for programs and 1 for development work. 1x 240GB SSD with OS and core programs. Other programs go to the 1TB drive's 1'st partition. Considering getting either a 10 or 12 TB drive to replace one of the 2TB ones. Scared of the upgrade because higher capacity drives tend to have more failures. I don't want to lose all the data.
  9. toonami335

    H.264 vs H.265

    So it'll take a few years to get enough research into it. When everyone starts working at releasing 4K or 8K, we'll get enough research into x265 to make it better. Seems fair enough.
  10. toonami335

    H.264 vs H.265

    Such a shame. A supposedly more advanced coded having worse quality.
  11. toonami335

    H.264 vs H.265

    So like H265 may get worse quality because people don't have as much experience with it's options?
  12. toonami335

    H.264 vs H.265

    I was operating under the assumption that H.265 (HEVC) is better than H.264 (AVC) in all areas. But, I seem to find opinions which indicates that H.264 is better in terms of quality. Personally, I can't notice loss in video quality unless it gets all blurry or pixelated. So is H.265 actually better in all areas or is it falling behind H.264 in some areas? Someone please enlighten me.
  13. toonami335

    Kill la Kill - Who is the real older sister?

    Oh yeah. I do remember something like that. So which one was Ryuko? Couldn't have been the first one since the 2nd one was Satsuki (probably). Could there have been a 3rd baby to Ragyo? It's not mentioned that there was a 3rd though.
  14. In the series, after it became known that Ryuko and Satsuki are sisters, the series asserted that Satsuki is the older sister. I think that's incorrect and Ryuko is the older one. My reason being, when Soichiro Kiryuin (Ryuko and Satsuki's father) was still with Ragyo, they experimented on their daughter who died in the experiment. At the time, Ragyo was pregnant with another child. After the experiment, Soichiro Kiryuin was ambushed and he faked his own death and fled with the presumed to be dead baby (the one experimented on), and changed his identity to Isshin Matoi. This baby grew up to be Ryuko. After this incident, Ragyo gave birth to a baby that grew up to be Satsuki. Doesn't that make Ryuko the older sister? Did I miss something?
  15. toonami335

    What if the internet wasn't anonymous?

    The internet isn't really anonymous. You can always be tracked one way or the other if the govt wants to.