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  1. toonami335

    Anime Sheet Music

    I was wondering if there's any place to get/buy sheet musics for anime songs. The original sheets not adaptations/arrangements. Also, any good source for arrangement/cover sheets as well. Anyone know where I can get those?
  2. But you never know which one will and all of them have the potential. I like my grenades away from my face.
  3. There's just no winning against women it seems. In the modern world, a word from a woman you don't even know is enough to ruin you life. Seems like we're back in the dark ages where the mere acquisition of being a witch would get one burned at the stake. Same thing in a different guise if you ask me.
  4. toonami335

    Sword Art Online (whole franchise)

    I happen to like SAO on a general principle. Haven't watched the GGO Alt yet though. I think that the relative overall story quality was best in SAO arc. It maybe went down a little after that but managed to keep it good enough. It's not often that I find an anime totally bad or annoying. I do find some of them to be rather "slow" for lack of a better word.
  5. toonami335

    The Background

    Never knew that. Thanks for telling us.
  6. toonami335

    The Background

    The background's changed and it looks cool AF. Who else thinks so?
  7. toonami335

    Kill la Kill - Who is the real older sister?

    Yes it was clear on that. But there were some stuff that were left a bit cloudy. Maybe they're properly explained in the manga but not in the anime.
  8. toonami335

    Sword Art Online (whole franchise)

    So how is the new season? Does it have a good story? Does it continue after Season2 or is it entirely new story? Also, I see the animation is different this time around, does that mean it's a different studio? I've yet to watch a single episode and I'll only watch it after the entire thing becomes available on BD here though.
  9. toonami335

    What OS is beter?

    I use Windows on my desktop and Linux on my laptop and sometimes Mac at office and I think all of them have their share of shit.
  10. toonami335

    What OS is beter?

    None of them are. Each has it's share of features and problems.
  11. toonami335

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Tokyo Ravens And I want a second season right about now.
  12. toonami335

    Why are main characters intentionally dense?

    That may be so but I still hate it. Like keeping it from the protag is fine as long as it's kept from the audience as well. I don't feel stupid then. Authors should really stop doing that dense protag thing.
  13. toonami335

    Why are main characters intentionally dense?

    What about cases where something is made apparent to the audience and everyone around except the protag. That's what I feel stupid watching. Like, everyone gets it; why can't you? Do you have a brain? I need to open up your skull and take a look cause I'm having doubts.
  14. toonami335

    last game you completed (any game)

    Last major one is Nier Automata. There are usually some smaller ones between two major ones.
  15. I've seen this cliche over and over again and I'm tried of it. The main character is designed extremely dense and stupid. He(mostly)/She doesn't seem to get what the audience gets. Hell, even the main character's friends can understand what is plainly in sight but the main character just doesn't seem to make a connection that's sitting right in front of him. Why do we have to deal with this? Why hasn't this cliche died off already? It makes me feel stupid just watching it.