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  1. Gotcha! Tickle-tickle! hehe... 

  2. Wow I got 350 profile views! And in such a short time. It's so nice. I'm happy... 

    1. desu-ka-moe


      Wow it's going up by the minute! 

    2. Ryutai


      That's because you keep posting status updates....

  3. I'm gonna go eat something. 

  4. Thus is a bit hard to say... but... I can't find the Request Section. 

    1. J-Lord




      I believe you can't find it as it is currently hidden due to your post count. I think you have to hit a certain amount of posts before you can view certain sections of the forum. I don't recall how many posts you need but no doubt someone else will surely post here and let you know how many you need.

  5. Yaaawn! I'm going to bed soon...

    1. Koby


      Wakey-wakey eggs n bacon.

  6. Hi Scyrous, I wanted to have a quick chat with you about Attack on Titan... Are you sure that Winter encode is the best for your Dual-Audio release? I have the FFF release and I made a close comparison of some scenes. I see Winter encode has some tiny grain in shadows on shirts, where FFF does not have it.. I can send you snaps if you would like.. Im sure FFF video looks better and would be better for your release. :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. desu-ka-moe


      Im missing episode 21 from your release. Im not at home rn, but I have my 2 external hdds with me, can you please split it in two parts with rar or zip etc so I can dl it? I dont have enough space on either disc so I will need to put it on both. Can you upload it to MEGA or somewhere for the next hour pls? Would that be a problem?

    3. Koby


      On top of the loss of detail in FFF, FFF also had some weird tints of green in some scenes.

    4. (AC)


      Less grain = detail loss pretty much In most cases.

  7. Hi, did anyone of the project crew release Yosuga no Sora BD 1080p FLAC Dual-Audio? 

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    2. monsieurcooler


      @(AC)It ain't crap. I like this one TBH and the music is just great. Incest and the sex scenes do upset people.


      BTW can somebody explain what the hell happens at the end? I dont get it. Are they dead or alive or in like another world?

    3. desu-ka-moe


      @monsieurcooler, omg please don't spoil it xD. I only watched the first episode. (I downloaded the ANE release, as Koby recommend.) Yeah, I agree. Since the moment I saw the characters on the cover,

      and heard the music, watched the first episode, I was in love with it. I have had a feeling it could be dramatic...but that's what I like in anime; dramatic, romance, and a bit of sexy scenes is always nice as long as it is not violent sex etc.


      Edit: BTW I really, really love white haired characters. I'm all over that. :)

    4. (Kirito)


      If you love white haired characters + harem & eicchi tags, u could try watching Hundred.

  8. Excuse me, can you please help me? I am having a really hard time searching for your release page for [AC-Shiro] Aria The Scarlet Ammo [1080p Dual-Audio]. Please understand, I am here for the first time, and browsing the site is exhausting..especially when the search is not finding any results. Can you PLEASE tell me where it is? I downloaded it yesterday an now I see I am missing episodes 8 and 9! 


    Please check your mega folder, there are 2 "undecripted" files.. are those episodes 8 and 9!? I really want this release... so please help me out.. 

    Good thing I had the link bookmarked, because I cant find it on via search again, at all. I want to download this before the maintanance periods.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. desu-ka-moe


      Thanks you. I couldnt find that page since yesterday! 

      But what about the two udecripted files? 

    3. (AC)


      the individual links all work and there is also the XDCC option thanks to @Catar

    4. desu-ka-moe


      OK Thank you. 

  9. desu-ka-moe


    Hello. I love anime. I spend most of my time watching anime and reading lite novels. I'm a fan of Attack on Titan and a lot, lot more anime. Nice to meet you all.
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