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  1. To be expected, there's way too many pay streaming services, and out of the ones I know of, Boomerang had the weakest offering. Haven't watched Dorothy, but Wacky Races was pretty damn bad when compared to the original.
  2. It was Sendokai Champions, I went to wikipedia list of animated series by year and skimmed it clicking on every name that sounded familiar but I didn't quite remember what it was.
  3. So, trying to remember the name of this 3D cartoon I used to watch years ago, I don't remember on which channel. It had a similar structure to Monster Buster Club or Code Lyoko, group of kids doing something awesome while still going to school, it had the usual group structure, lead kid, rival to lead kid, goofy big kid, love interest girl, goofy small girl. They would go to another planet/dimension or something and basically play super powered soccer vs. aliens to save earth, they had a yoda like mentor, the name of the cartoon was the same as the name of the in universe sport, I think. I don't really remember much of the plot, other than bad guy wants to destroy earth so must play space soccer to stop him.
  4. Korea is actually the high end stuff, your average throwaway cartoon is usually animated on some 3rd world dump like Phillipines, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico by people who are literally off the street and don't even know how to draw (ever wonder why plenty of current cartoons are so reliant on skeletal rigs?)
  5. I have tried requesting owners of productions to release their shows on alternate media instead of sitting on them, with stuff like amazon you can upload your shows for sale at almost no cost, but for some reason old men who tend to own these things are not into that, so I have gone either completely ignored and got a rude mail back once. Take for example D'Ocon, as far as I know none of their stuff has been ripped and uploaded anywhere, and it seems like the guy is still trying to hustle his 20+ year old cartoon shows to networks on kidscreen and the like. http://www.docon.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=284&Itemid=21&lang=en Networks rarely own the rights to productions, unless you are talking about Disney, Nick or CN, they are usually owned by the studios that created them or to media distributors like Mediatoon, so contacting the networks in bound to do nothing. Sadly, there's lots of stuff out there that's bound to become lost media eventually.
  6. They don't give credit mostly to keep their sweatshops from being cannibalized by other studios, they want to pay the absolute minimum local laws will allow them to but you can't do that if your sweatshop is getting offers from another studio. It's basically the same for all for the people on the bottom of creative endeavors, most freelance work for big and medium time players usually comes attached with draconian NDAs that don't allow you to even mention you ever worked for them, which basically stunts your capacity of getting more and better jobs since work done behind an NDA is the same as work never done for resume purposes or studio's portfolio.
  7. It's common practice, in fact, the studio credited also probably hired another studio to assist them that goes completely uncredited. Disney (or CN or WB or Teletoon or whatever) develops the show idea, character designs and storyboards, then sends it off to a 3rd world sweatshop to be animated.
  8. altlabrat


    Hi there, just another random nobody passing by. Fan of cartoons new and old, worked as cleanup artist and inbetweener in Grim & Evil and Robot Jones many moons ago, plus some godawful religious cartoons, studied computer engineering when studio went under, worked on that a year, hated it, went on to do animation for mobile games. Trying to find stuff that's never been released on dvd or only available on streaming services (which 90% of the time are not available in my region anyway).
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