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    Strike pingu from the record!
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    I feel like franxx is a plot train wreck.
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    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Winter 2018

    I'm going to vote for Black Clover. The show has continually gotten better.
  4. Cho²

    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! specials

    UTW did the ren lite specials. You can get them on xdcc. Not sure about a torrent. The other 7 ren specials were done by hien and are on the kametsu xdcc. https://nibl.co.uk/bots.php?search=chuunibyou+ren+lite https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=chuunibyou ren special
  5. As just a lowly user I agree with with some of what was said. Some of the thread names are too long. The file host and audio information are in the thread and I don't think they need to be listed in the title. If you feel otherwise I think they should be at the end of a thread title because its the least important information. At the very least I don't think it is any sort of barrier to opening a thread someone might be interested in and looking at it. Having it only inside the thread wouldn't prevent searches either. I feel like multi isn't a super helpful description because I'm more accustomed to it meaning multiple language subs than file hosts and it gives zero indication if your favorite file host is used. If you keep the file hosts in the title listing them all by name at the end of a title is more useful I think.
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    I voted for MMO Junkie. I thought it was a good romance and it had a good ending. I would be happy with another season with further development. Besides I know my other favorites Black Clover and Magus will get done.