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  1. Sandra

    Word Association

  2. Sandra

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    I love Degrassi so much, I just wish there was a way to watch the episodes in better quality somewhere
  3. Sandra

    Word Association

  4. Sandra

    Count to 100,000

  5. Sandra

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    Lost Girl
  6. Sandra

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Lost Girl, Degrassi, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars. Bates Motel, Orphan Black, and waaaay to many more
  7. Sandra

    Count to 100,000

    7826 (I guess the above means 7825 :D)
  8. Sandra

    Word Association

  9. Sandra

    7 word story

    ...write a story that doesn't make sense.
  10. Sandra

    What words describes you?

    Quiet, creative, shy, introverted, honest, loyal, empathetic
  11. Sandra

    This or That?

    A Krusty Krab Pizza Pizza is always great, hehe. Reading fanfictions or writing them yourself?
  12. Sandra

    Hi everyone!

    Well hi there I'm kinda really new to forums in general, so I'm really sorry if I do something wrong. But I've read the guidelines so I know what not to do, don't worry Now I'll go explore some more (ha, that rhymes :D) Have an amazing day everyone!