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  1. Hi Guys, first-time poster. Massive DB and Z fan, mainly for its nostalgia there are some far smarter anime's out there. With that said I have tried to watch super a few times and just can't get into it. It seems like just standard Dragon Ball formula, Villain shows up, Goku loses to Villain, Goku then trains somewhere for a while and then beats Villain. That and the transformations, when the Battle of Gods movie came out with Super Saiyan God I think that killed it for me, it basically cheapened that original classic Super Saiyan moment on Namek for me. Personally, I thought SSJ3 was too far.... Now I haven't watched any of the newer so its probably unfair for me to comment on it but all I see and hear about it are these red, blue, dark Super Saiyan levels, Gohan is still boring, animation doesn't have that same hand-drawn grunge to it.... I could go on forever. A lot of my friends don't care about these things and want to watch it, what I want to know is, is there any redeeming quality for the most pessimistic 90's DB fan, or should I just give it a miss?
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