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  1. It's still not even close to the untouched rip.
  2. I wonder why won't they just crack it. Not even menitioning that it's useless since the rips aren't untouched anyway.
  3. It's like the third thread about this program, seems pretty suspicious especially when it's a brand new user posting this.
  4. If you're interested, I can check some albums on open.cd for you.
  5. Hello, I'm Nala_Alan, some of you might know me, since I see many familiar nicks here. I am sharing some stuff on public trackers such as Nyaa and Anidex for some time already, I'm also a member of some private ones, but not as active there. I knew Kametsu for some time, but never bothered to make an account! I guess I'll end here, since I hate introductions.
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