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  1. Nalapl3

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    ...you can just set permissions in TeamViewer settings that will only allow him to control screen, no black screen, no locking mouse, no file transfers.
  2. Please don't. He has mentioned awfully bad upscalers.
  3. Upscaling is bad and you shouldn't do it. Really. It doesn't make quality any better. If you insist on upscaling, you shouldn't do past 1024x576 (which is only upscaled for aspect ratio). And for encoding, you should use VapourSynth with some good scaler and x264.
  4. Nalapl3

    Change video header

    Nobody made such tool cause nobody needs it.
  5. Nalapl3

    Recommended download manager?

    I am using aria2c, which always maxes out my network speed. It doesn't integrate with browser, but I don't mind it, in fact I'm pretty sure I'd only get annoyed by such integrations.
  6. Nalapl3

    FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    It's still not even close to the untouched rip.
  7. Nalapl3

    FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    I wonder why won't they just crack it. Not even menitioning that it's useless since the rips aren't untouched anyway.
  8. Nalapl3

    FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    It's like the third thread about this program, seems pretty suspicious especially when it's a brand new user posting this.
  9. Nalapl3

    Recording TV in UK or Ireland

    You're wrong, it is possible to get raw recordings, if they're recorded with the right hardware, eg. Dreambox (cause providers STBs or TVs usually encrypt them).
  10. If you're interested, I can check some albums on open.cd for you.
  11. Nalapl3

    Just another new member

    Hello, I'm Nala_Alan, some of you might know me, since I see many familiar nicks here. I am sharing some stuff on public trackers such as Nyaa and Anidex for some time already, I'm also a member of some private ones, but not as active there. I knew Kametsu for some time, but never bothered to make an account! I guess I'll end here, since I hate introductions.