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  1. Why are we using GDrive over mega (majority are GDrive these days, for the new ones atleast)? did mega limit downloading now or is there some other reason?


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    2. spaceman99


      Could be worse, could be UL, RG, NF or RR links all of which are basically useless to the free user.

    3. Cryptic


      Google drive is far superior to mega. Though I still have some mega accounts with 50gb that I'll use in case gdrive links go down.

    4. dangerousvhs


      I see it as a two evils sort of thing. Google Drive and Mega both aren't that great (imo) from an uploader's perspective, but also I think Mega would be way worse if you're downloading more than a small amount. I wish I had the energy (or money) to do something better than Mega myself, I hate the idea that someone could be stopped from getting my files because of them.

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